Jordan says no deal was in place with the Raiders

Posted on July 29, 2008 
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This morning, New England running back LaMont Jordan refuted a report in Monday’s San Francisco Chronicle that his release from the Raiders was contingent on his not signing with the Patriots or Broncos.

“One thing I know about the media is that a lot of times, they have no idea what they’re talking about,” Jordan said after the morning practice session at Gillette Stadium. “I’m quite sure that if my release was contingent on that, that it wouldn’t have just been heard in the Bay Area. It would have been heard all over. Everybody wants to take a shot at the Patriots.

“From my understanding, my release wasn’t based on that,” he added. “My release was based on the fact that the Raiders no longer wanted me out there, and I think that’s what I comes down to.”

According to reports, Oakland owner Al Davis and Jordan’s agent Alvin Keels had an agreement that if the Raiders did grant Jordan’s release, he wouldn’t sign with the Patriots or the Broncos. Jordan was released on Friday, and Jordan signed with New England on Saturday.

“I can understand whatever frustration that Mr. Davis may have to see a good player going to an archrival,” Jordan’s agent Alvin Keels told the Chronicle. “I never agreed to not explore a deal with the Patriots. Teams were waiting for him to be released. Once he hit the waiver wire, we weighed several offers. It was LaMont’s choice to go to New England.”

Jordan, who spent the bulk of time after practice signing autographs, reiterated his excitement at joining the Patriots and fellow ex-Raider Randy Moss.

“It feels good if you’re on a team that feels like the organization wants you to be here,” Jordan said. “You feel like the coaches welcome you. You feel like your teammates welcome you.”


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