Matt Cassel Q&A, 5/20

Posted on May 20, 2008 
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Matt Cassel spoke with the media this afternoon at Gillette Stadium at the conclusion of passing camp workouts. Here’s a transcript of his Q&A with the media:

On the Patriots bringing in another quarterback…
It doesn’t really affect me — I just have to go out and do my job. It’s one of those things where there’s competition everywhere you go. You just have to step up and perform and do what you do.

How big a year is this for you?
It’s the same as every other year. You have to be ready to play and you have to execute the offense if called upon. It’s just one of those years that … I approach every year the same. You have to go out with the same intensity, the same enthusiasm and try and play to the best of my abilities.

Are you more comfortable this year?
Every year, I think you become a little more comfortable, but there’s a lot of things you want to work on, whether it be mechanics, whether it be learning more about defenses. So you try and each and every day, get better.

On Spygate, and how — reportedly — the backup quarterbacks may have been a part of the signal stealing system…
I don’t even know what went on in the past, or what went on with the whole Spygate thing, other than what’s been said in the media.

Where were you when you found out they had drafted a quarterback and what was your reaction?
I was just at home. The draft is the draft — you figure they’re going to bring people in, and it was one of those things where I just accepted it and said, ‘There’s a little bit more competition here, and you have to go out and do your job.’

Is this a make or break year for you?
I don’t put any added pressure on myself. I just go out and try to play to the best of my abilities and try and get better each and every day and show that I’m the second best quarterback on my team behind Tom, and prove that to the coaches and my teammates. I approach each and every day with the same approach.

What can the quarterbacks get out of a passing camp?
The quarterbacks, we work on mechanics and timing and trying to get back into a rhythm with the receivers and there’s a lot of new guys out here, so you try and get into a rhythm with them as well. That’s really what our main focus is.

How much throwing are you doing up until a passing camp like this?
It’s limited. It’s not as much as you’d probably like to, but then, when once we get all the team back here and all the receivers out and we’re really able to — from an organized standpoint — we’re able to get out here again.

Is this like, shaking off the rust a little bit? Getting back in the groove?
Everybody probably does that. Everybody out here is on their second day, so, we’re getting our feet back underneath us and knocking some of the rust off.


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