Chad Jackson Q&A, 5/20

Posted on May 20, 2008 
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Wide receiver Chad Jackson spoke with the media shortly after the end of today’s passing camp workouts at Gillette Stadium. Here’s the transcript of his Q&A with the media:

Excited to be a part of things from the start this year?
It feels good to be out here with the guys — finally. Last year, I was going through the injury and stuff. This year is a different year for me. A more controlled year. A ‘settle-down’ year. Everything is coming along easy for me right now. All I’m doing right now is concentrating, trying to get the plays down and trying to work with the quarterbacks and coaches.

There’s a position open at wide receiver — are you looking to grab the moment, grab the spot and solidify your position on the team?
Right now, I’m just trying to go out there and help the team, staying in my playbook, and, like I said, getting on the same page with the quarterbacks and try and help them any way I can.

How important a year is this for you?
It’s an important year for me — this is what they drafted me for. I want to come out there and show the coaches what I can do and show the fans what I can do and help this team any way I can.

What do you feel you can do?
I feel I can do a lot. I feel like I can catch the ball, I feel like I can run after the catch. I feel like I can do a lot of things with the ball. I’m sure these coaches are going to give me the plays and give me the opportunity to make that happen.

They’ve told you that?
They haven’t told me anything right now. I’m just learning my playbook, and once I do that, then everything else will come along.

With Donte [Stallworth] not being here, do you look at this as a big opportunity, or do you just kind of let things come and see how it all works?
How can you not? Donte is gone, so there’s a big spot open, like everybody says. Right now, I’m just trying to work hard, learn everything in my playbook and do what I need to do to get that spot.

Do you feel more comfortable on the outside?
I feel comfortable anywhere. I feel like I’ve played both positions. Anywhere they put me, I’ll try and take advantage of the opportunity.

On what he did during the offseason…
I was up here the whole time. Just getting the rehab back together. Making sure the hamstring is right. Different techniques with the strength and conditioning coaches.

Was there a lot of homework?
We did that also. We did the filmwork and the plays and everything. We’re continuing to do that now, so hopefully, when camp is over with, we’ll continue with that also.

How frustrating was it last year?
It was frustrating. You could see it in my face all the time. I just want to come out this year and make something happen and get the opportunity to go out there and play.


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