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Posted on April 26, 2008 
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On why a linebacker instead of a defensive back…
We did what we thought was best for the football team. There’s a lot of good players on the board. There were good players who went before us and there are good players that were there after we picked Jerod. But that was the pick we thought that was best for the football team. And I’m glad we have them.

On the trade with New Orleans developing today or last night…
We kind of anticipated a scenario and, you know, New Orleans was certainly looking for Sedrick Ellis — that was no big secret. And when he was still on the board there, that led to the next step of going through and executing that trade.

On possible contingencies that meant the Patriots could have held on to that pick…
I don’t know. We didn’t go through all the hypotheticals. We just took the situation as it came up and we were on the clock and we had a trade partner and we felt like it was a good trade for our football team, and I think it was and so we did it.


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