Monday Morning in Phoenix

Posted on February 4, 2008 
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Not much to so from here, but I just wanted to add a few notes on how things went down last night after the game, what was one of the most stunning losses in Boston sports history:

•I’m not going to get into the game breakdown too much on this blog entry — you can do that here, with my weekly “10 Things We Learned Last Night” column for Metro. But I can set the scene around the stadium afterward for you. For a New England sports fan, the scene around the stadium at the end of the last night was like something out a sports nightmare: Happy, loud, screaming Giants fans. Just a bad, bad scene. Like something out of a trip to Yankee Stadium in the pre-2004 days.

•For many New England reporters, the whole thing was similarly surreal — it had been over a full calendar year since the Patriots had suffered a loss, and I don’t think many players quite knew how to react. The phrase “I don’t think it’s sunk in yet” was uttered time and again last night by both players and the media.

•I’ve already gotten e-mails on this, so I’ll anticipate more by saying: I don’t think any potential “SpyGate” distractions had any role in the defeat. I think the Giants played a tremendous game. The key for them was to get sustained pressure on Brady, and they were able to do that. For a complete game breakdown — or at least a similar looking contest where a big-time offense was slowed down — I think people would be wise to look at the playoff game between the Giants and the 49ers from the late 1980s (I forget the year) where New York knocked out Joe Montana. I’ll look back in the archives for more on that when I get home.

•Predictably, the mood was somber in the locker room and the interview area. There were a handful of guys who declined interview requests, but most of them were hustled out into the interview area to speak with reporters pretty quickly after the game. I think it says something that cornerback Ellis Hobbs was one of the ones who decided to stay and speak with reporters. He had every right to duck out of there like some of his teammates, but he stayed and answered every question that was posed to him.

•We’ll have more from Phoenix later today.


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