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Posted on January 31, 2008 
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Hey everyone … got the chance to bang out a few words in between writing stories and promoting “The Blueprint” on Radio Row to give you some thoughts on the scene here in Phoenix…

•Things on Radio Row are absolutely surreal. I just walked past a table where one of the hosts was interviewing both superagent Drew Rosenhaus and the Burger King mascot in tandem. Every time you turn around, you see a big-time NFL star–I almost got bowled over by Vince Young’s entourage of about 15 guys. (I know–Vince Young has an entourage of 15 guys? Surprised the hell out of me, too.) Jared the Subway Guy wandered up to me wanting to know if I wanted an interview. And Mercury Morris was standing in front of me in line at Starbucks at the media center, but scooted away before I could talk with him. Strange stuff.

•Phoenix is a nice city, probably No. 2 on the list of cities that have hosted Patriots’ Super Bowls. Good people, timely media shuttles, decent weather (for February) and a city that’s pretty easy to navigate. I’m going to check out the stadium tonight as part of a TV obligation with CN8 (airing tonight in Boston at 11 p.m.) I’d put New Orleans an easy No. 1, with Phoenix at No. 2. Houston is probably third, with Jacksonville a distant fourth seed.

•Don’t know how they’re coming across in their interviews, but these Patriots appear remarkably loose and laid-back, given the surroundings. The guy who’s really getting his chance to shine is Donte Stallworth, whose alter ego “Nico” is getting lots of play in the national media. Just talked to some out-of-town radio guys who asked who the best quote was on the team, and I responded with Stallworth. They looked at me like I was nuts, but it’s true.

•Trying to get a sense of how many fans from each team are in town, and right now, it looks like there are a few more Giants fans in Phoenix than Patriots fans. All of the New York fans are supremely confident about the Giants’ chances–would you expect anything less from a New Yorker?

•Here are a few links to stories I’ve done so far for other outlets. Here’s my weekly column for on the two coaches, Bill Belichick and Tom Coughlin, and how they got to Super Bowl XLII. I’ve also done a few other stories that can be seen here at the Metro web site. We’ll have a whole bunch of stories up tomorrow (why do you think I’ve been so delinquent in my blogging duties?) I’ll link to them as soon as they’re posted.


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