Kyle Brady Q&A, 1/8

Posted on January 8, 2008 
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Tight end Kyle Brady was talking in the locker room today about his old mates from Jacksonville, and we have some notes from that Q&A. We have that now, plus some more locker room chatter and some links coming later in the afternoon.

On Jacksonville’s physical mentality—does it come from the top?
It does. In particular, I think that Jack is very strong in emphasizing that, especially on defense, I think offensively, they try to play the same type of style. That was always emphasized to the offensive guys, and you can see it on film. That’s the kind of team they are. They’re going to come at you and try to outphysical you.

Before Fred Taylor was named to the Pro Bowl, they had no pro Bowlers. What does that say about this group that they get this far and do so well with no stars.
I wouldn’t necessarily say they have no stars. I think the lack of Pro Bowl votes is the result of several reasons – they play in a small market and are not on national television very much, not nearly as much as this team or a New York team or Dallas. There’s little recognition among voters. They’ve got a whole lot of talent — plenty of guys with the ability to go [to the Pro Bowl]. They have had a bunch in the past who just weren’t voted in this particular year, like Rashean Mathis, John Henderson and Marcus Stroud. They have guys that are Pro Bowl quality players that don’t always get their recognition that I think they’re due.

Because of those things, is there an underdog mentality in Jacksonville?
I think there is. The type of mentality, that underdog mentality where they’re feeling like they’re playing for respect.


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