What the inactives mean

Posted on December 23, 2007 
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Hey everyone …. here are a few thoughts on what the inactives mean:

•Troy Brown is playing. Our bet in the press box is that they do whatever it takes to get No. 80 the ball today — if one other person scores for New England, they’ll set an NFL record for most players on a team to score a touchdown in a single season.
•Both No. 1 tight end Ben Watson and No. 2 tight end Kyle Brady are out. That means plenty of snaps for No. 3 Stephen Spach. (Marcellus Rivers? Anyone? I’m still a little shocked that they didn’t sign him instead of Ray Ventrone with the extra roster spot.) It will also mean plenty of hybrid sets with Ryan O’Callaghan and Wesley Britt lining up at the tight end spot.


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