Rodney Harrison on Fox Sports Radio

Posted on November 29, 2007 
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Rodney Harrison appeared on “The Drive” on the FOX Sports Radio Network yesterday afternoon with Chris Myers and Sean Farnham. Here are some of the highlights:

on “Spygate” and whether or not it’s passed…
RODNEY HARRISON: “It has nothing to do with our preparation, day to day, week by week. It’s something that the media loves to play with — the fans love. When we’re on the road trying to call us cheaters, different things, but from our perspective, it’s all about who we play that particular week. It’s about going out there preparing and just getting a victory, whether it’s a victory by 25 points or if it’s a victory by 3 points, a win is a win.”

CHRIS MYERS: “How would you describe Bill Belichick as a motivator, that part of him?”
RODNEY HARRISON: “Well, I mean, he has his way of motivating us, whether it’s through sarcasm or his serving up of humble pie or what have you, but I think a lot of guys in our locker room are self-motivated and that’s what happens, we get veterans that expect so much of themselves, as well as some of the young guys that actually caught on and understand what it takes to be a professional, so we have guys like Seau and Bruschi and Brady that are self-motivated guys that can take their game to the next level at any time.”

SEAN FARNHAM: “What is it like having Randy there this year, making the plays that he’s making, having the season that he’s having, but yet everybody we talk to says this guy’s one of the leaders in the locker room?”
RODNEY HARRISON: “Well, I mean, you lead by example. You go out there and you work hard and you do all the things that you have to do in the classroom as well as the weight room and it goes on into the field and Randy’s been a professional. That’s the word that I describe. He comes to work. He works extremely hard and he’s a very, very smart wide receiver and he’s a very smart person and that’s what people fail to realize. People always tend to try to pre-judge someone or label someone or stereotype them and Randy’s the complete opposite. You know, I’ve almost been in a situation where I signed with Oakland, so, he struggled out there because he didn’t really have the quarterback or the teammates around him to support him and for him to be able to put up great numbers, but Randy’s a hard-working guy that makes a lot of plays for us.”


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