Junior Seau Q&A, 11/29

Posted on November 29, 2007 
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Patriots linebacker Junior Seau was also holding court at his locker this morning at Gillette Stadium, and touched on a variety of topics, including trying to replace Rosevelt Colvin, how to stop Todd Heap and playing so many night games:

On replacing Rosey Colvin…
You just don’t replace a Rosey Colvin. It doesn’t matter where you are. He’s a linebacker where you always have to know where he is, No. 1, but he’s also a great athlete who goes out there and makes plays for us.

On facing a big-time tight end in Todd Heap…
Heap has always been one of the top tight ends in the game. I know him personally — he’s a great guy, and a great fishing guy, and a guy who loves the game of football. He has a great passion for it. You know, you just can’t underestimate what he does. He can be a decoy because he demands that type of attention, but whenever you’re one-on-one, look for him to win those battles. We have to mix it up pretty well.

Does it help that you’ve already faced some big tight ends in Witten and Gates in your preparation?
It only helps to gain more experience, but at the same time, every day brings a different challenge. Heap is one of the better tight ends in the league, and he’s going to be a big challenge for us.

On playing at night — does the approach change?
We just take more naps. It’s just a longer day and a shorter recovery week. We know that, and going into this game, it won’t be any different. It doesn’t change anything.

Have you ever been on a team that’s played six prime-time games?
Probably in Pop Warner [laughter]. That’s about it.

Good prime-time package for those Pop Warner games?
Yeah, but it was all local. Videocameras, what have you. [laughter] What we’re doing here is going to draw a lot of attention. We understand that. But it doesn’t change the way we prepare and how we go out there and play the game of football.


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