Brandon Meriweather Q&A, 11/29

Posted on November 29, 2007 
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Lots of stuff going on today down here at Gillette Stadium, and we’ll transcribe everything we’ve got as the day goes on. First, for the first time since the death of Sean Taylor, Patriots’ rookie — and former University of Miami defensive back — Brandon Meriweather spoke publicly about Taylor and what he meant to his career this morning. Here’s a partial transcript of what he said:

On Sean Taylor…
Sean was a good friend of mine. He was the first safety I got to follow … He was one of the great ones to ever come through the U. … He was a good dude. … My condolences go out to his family and everything.

He helped me with everything. He helped me with taking my game [to another level]. He did everything for me. I didn’t know the playbook — he was the one who sat me down and helped me learn the playbook.

On the last time he had spoken with him…
Actually, the last time I spoke with him was the game before we played them.

On how he heard the news…
Kareem [Brown] came and told me at, like, 4 o’clock in the morning, that Sean had just passed.

How would you like people to remember him?
As a good dude. Not as a dude who always was into trouble, not as the dude that everybody tried to make him out to be, which he’s not. Everybody makes mistakes. I just hope that everybody, at the end of the day, everybody realizes what kind of person he really was.

A lot has been said about the program at Miami in general?
I think it’s a good program. Everybody looks at the city and the past and say we’re this and that, but at the same time, nobody looks at the good players that came out, like Ed Reed, who hasn’t been in any trouble. Bryant McKinnie … Jeremy Shockey – well, I can’t say Jeremy Shockey because he’s always in the media for something. [smiles and laughs] But guys like Andre Johnson and Reggie Wayne, all the good players that came out. Everybody always speaks about how we’re thugs and this and that, but they never say nothing about the good people.

On Ed Reed and what he did for him…
Basically, he just helped me learn how to read different formations and break down game film. He was just the first guy who was behind the scenes on everything.


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