Adalius Thomas postgame Q-and-A, 11/26

Posted on November 26, 2007 
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Here’s a partial transcript of Adalius Thomas’ postgame Q-and-A with the media after tonight’s game:

On playing a close game…
It’s a win. They played a very good game. You have to tip your hats to those guys. They played good, but we ended up making more plays at the end. We’re happy to get the win.

What was Philly doing? Was it something you didn’t expect?
They played hard. They did a good job. Feeley came in, we had some bad things here and there, but you just have to tip your hat to those guys. They came in and played hard.

On making second half adjustments…
You always make adjustments. No more than normal, but just going out there and playing, like I said. They came in here and played hard. We have a lot of improving to do.

On Asante’s performance…
Coming up with big plays. We needed that.

How long to do you enjoy this before you start thinking about Baltimore?
Until tomorrow. We’ll look at the film tomorrow and make corrections and move forward.

On humble pie this week…
It’ll probably be casserole. It’ll probably be casserole, but we deserve it. Other than that, we’ll enjoy this, and just move forward to the next game.

Was there a sense of ‘someone will make a play’ down the stretch?
You always believe in each other. You always believe that’s someone will make a play, and we knew we had to make it. The last two drives, we made plays, and that kind of sealed the game.


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