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Posted on November 13, 2007 
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I’m going to be blogging more and more as the season goes on–keep an eye on this space as things start to heat up. Here are a handful of midweek thoughts as Sunday night at Ralph Wilson Stadium approaches:

•We are conditioned to think that Bill Belichick is a cold, unfeeling man when it comes to his players (see Milloy, Lawyer and Bledsoe, Drew). Troy Brown appears to be the exception to the rule. Perhaps Brown has earned that right — after all, all those times Bruce Armstrong and Ben Coates abused him by rolling him down the ramps in a barrel at the old Foxboro Stadium should be good for something. But I have spent plenty of hours puzzling over where he fits in on this roster. Do they like him enough to “release” Kelley Washington? (I put quotes around that because you know Washington would join Marcellus Rivers on the “now you see him, now you don’t” shuffle at the back end of the New England roster.) Or do they perform another act of roster magic to keep him around in hopes of getting Brown another shot at a Super Bowl ring, maybe finding him work again an emergency defensive back? I’d like to see him hang around–after all, he’s forgotten more about the game than I’ll ever know. But if he’s healthy, I’m trying to figure out just what they’ll do with him.

•With the Michigan-Ohio State game set for Saturday at the Big House, expect lots of back-and-forth in the papers this week between Tom Brady and Mike Vrabel. The two never miss a chance to try and give the other the needle about this great rivalry, and this week should be no exception. For what it’s worth, I’m hoping Pierre Woods gets in the mix as well.

•Interesting quirk that I discussed in my “Inside Gillette” column over at Patriots Daily: This will mark the fourth consecutive year and fifth time in the last eight seasons the Patriots will face the Bills in the game following the bye week. (The Patriots are 3-1 in post-bye week games against the Bills under Bill Belichick.)

•Shameless self-promotion alert … the New York Times reviewed my book on Sunday, and gave me a nice thumbs up. (If you have a copy, don’t sleep on the fact I gave patsfans.com a shout out in the acknowledgements…) For those of you looking for signed copies, I’ll be on the North Shore on Friday night, and we have a signing coming up Thanksgiving weekend down on the Cape. (I’ll also put the update into the signings thread on the messageboard.)


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