Dave Chappelle has nothing on Laurence Maroney

Posted on November 1, 2007 
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Things were definitely VERY loose down in Foxborough today, from Bill Belichick complimenting a reporters’ choice of suit and tie in his press conference to running back Laurence Maroney holding an impromptu Q&A with reporters in front of his locker.

Maroney started things playfully enough, throwing an arm around fellow running back Heath Evans while Evans was in the middle of a TV interview. It may not translate here, but Maroney was loose, joking and smiling with reporters who fired a barrage of questions his way.

On possibly feeling back in stride to where he was at the start of the year…
I’m getting back there. I’m feeling good. I really need this game to come back and to get refreshed to get back to game speed.

Do you feel like you can carry a bigger load in the next couple of weeks, regardless of the health of the other running backs?
Most definitely. Right now, I’m just playing my role, and that’s whatever role they have for me. If they need me to carry a load this game, then yeah, I can do that. If they need me to get a lesser role for that game, then I can do that. I’m just a team player. I’m just going to be prepared and ready for whatever they deal my way.

Did things start to click more last week against Washington?
Oh, yeah. Things definitely started to come back more. Like I said, you’re still a little rusty at times, but the more and more you play, the more and more things start to come back to you and you feel more comfortable about things.

What stands out for you the most about this Colts defense?
They’re good. They have a lot of movements. They’re a good run-stopping team. They have a good pass defense this year. Their movements are going to be scary. We haven’t seen many teams that stunt and do as many movements as they do. You just have to be patient and hopefully, get a block on everybody.

Did the Colts show interest in you when you came out of the draft?
Man, that was like, so long ago.

Just curious.
I don’t know. I wasn’t in the draft room.

You didn’t work out for them or anything?
No. I worked out for everybody. They all came to see me work out, and I don’t know if they were there or not. It wasn’t like I had an individual workout for them or anything. … Didn’t have that.

On his relationship with Colts running back Joseph Addai…
Yeah, I talk to him. I asked him to get me some tickets, man.

Did he come through for you?
Nah, he hasn’t called me back yet. He might. He said he’s going to holler at me today, so he might.

How many tickets?
A million. [laughter] Nah, I don’t know. Not that many.

What kind of runner is Joseph? What’s his style?
He’s one of those backs who, when he gets the ball in his hands, you get a little nervous, because he can beat you so many different ways. He can outrun you, because he has the speed to outrun you or run around you, and he’s a powerful runner. When I see him get the ball, I’m just like, ‘Man, get this guy down by any means necessary.’

Kind of sounds like you…
Nah. Not like me. I’m all right, but … Addai, I really like his game, man. I really do. I tell him all the time, ‘Good game, man. Keep running hard.’ The guy definitely runs hard, and he’s definitely a great back.

Physically, are you where you want to be right now?
No. I’m never going to be where I want to be, not this early in the season. I still have a long way before I can get to where I want to be. I’m still learning this game.

Is there an added pressure on this offense to score knowing the Colts can score so quickly?
Hopefully, our defense will go out there and play good and our offense will go put points up.

Any tips for Tom Brady and Matt Cassel when you saw them running for touchdowns against the Redskins?
Yeah. I told them not to do that again. [laughter] That’s a scary feeling when you see your quarterback just scrambling and running. Just get down and live to play another play.

Were you jealous?
A little bit, because they were looking good. They were running low and powerful. ‘Hey, what are you doing that I’m not doing?’ [laughter]

Last week, you caught some balls coming out of the backfield…
I caught two? Did you see me? [laughter]

Yeah. Is that another phase of the game you’d like to contribute in?
Oh, most definitely. I’m prepared for whatever. Right now, my role is … I’m not a big factor in the passing game, right now, but they’re working me in, slowly but surely. I’m sure I’ll learn.

How much pride do you take in your role in pass protection?
Oh, man. I take a lot of pride in that, because … don’t tell Tom, but I don’t think he can too many hits, so I’m going to make sure he doesn’t get hit. [laughter]


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