Tom Brady Postgame Q&A, 10/28

Posted on October 28, 2007 
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Here’s the complete transcript of Tom Brady’s postgame Q&A this evening at Gillette Stadium:

Q: Did you ever think you would put up 52 points against the Washington Redskins, a team you had yet to beat?
TB: They presented some different challenges so I think we made quite a few good plays out there. The important thing was to really stay on track and get positive plays. [We] had the one turnover, which was unfortunate, but for the most part it was a good day.

Q: You’re not used to running in touchdowns.
TB: No. I don’t want to be running. Trust me.

Q: Can you talk about the two you ran in? And of course your backup, Matt Cassel, ran for one as well.
TB: I think mine were just about as far as I could go so anything longer than that I’m not trying to run it. But Matt’s was a great run, he really showed a lot of determination this week to getting back to his style and his preparation. I thought it was really exciting for the team to see him make that play and make a few great throws. It takes everybody and everybody puts a lot of work in and everybody was really proud of Matt.

Q: Was it good to see the fake spike work?
TB: Yeah, we tried it last week and I screwed it up so I tried to redeem myself this week. If you just throw it up to Randy [Moss] he usually catches it.

Q: How about throwing it up to Mike Vrabel?
TB: Mike was pretty open. I think it was a good sell by the offensive line, he just slipped out there and another touchdown catch for him. I just try to throw to guys that are open.

Q: Looking ahead, any thoughts on the Colts?
TB: They’re a great so we know we have our work cut out for us. They’ve beaten us the last three times and they’ve won 12 in a row, I guess. And they’re a great team [and] it’s tough to play them in that dome. We’ve got a long week and a lot of preparation. [They have] a great offense, great defense, great special teams, great coaching, great confidence, everything you’re looking for in a great football team.

Q: You witnessed some great rivalries growing up. What’s it like to now play in one that’s getting to be like that when you play the Colts?
TB: They are always meaningful games when you play them, that’s the way it seems the last bunch of times we’ve played them. Last game it was a real tight game, the previous couple of times it wasn’t so tight [and] they really got the best of us. We know it’s going to take our best effort. We know you can’t make a lot of mistakes against theses guys. When you turn the ball over against the Colts it’s usually seven points. When you punt it to them it’s usually seven points. You just have to find ways to be productive and be efficient and not turn the ball over, certainly that’s always a big key. I’m happy we’ve got seven days to prepare because I think we’re going to need each and every hour of that week.

Q: You always talk about the building process of the season. Can you talk about the building process of this season halfway through.
TB: I think we’re always finding ways to improve. It’s been a good eight weeks, but it really doesn’t mean anything. 8-0 is great but it really doesn’t mean anything, [it] doesn’t guarantee us anything. You have to keep improving through the entire season and the second half of the season is upon us and I hope we perform better than we did in the first half of the season. That’s usually what good teams do. There’s a lot of room for improvement and we’re going to spend this week trying to make improvements on the things we screwed up this week and try to continue to build on that. Should be a good week.

Q: What could you guys do better in the second half?
TB: We can be more efficient. There were plenty of plays out there where the communication train [between] me and the receivers wasn’t what we needed it to be. We got a lot of penalties out there. We got a strip-sack. Fortunately, our defense saved us like they’ve been saving us all year when we turn the ball over. So we can’t turn the ball over, we’ve got to be productive when we throw it, continue to run the ball well. I think the positives [are that] the offensive line is playing great, the receivers are getting open, the tight ends are playing their role, the backs are holding onto the football. There are a lot of positives but there are also things we can improve.

Q: I know you guys all eat the humble pie, but at what point to do you realize you have something special here? Have you realized that?
TB: I haven’t realized it. Just trying to get better each day. Just trying to take these games and make improvements each week and try to put our best out there each week and build on the stuff that we screwed up. Build on the stuff that we’ve done well, and improve the things we screwed up the previous week. It’s a long season. It’s not even November yet, and we’ve got a lot of room for improvement left and we’ve got a long half of the season ahead.

Q: Can you talk about your receivers and their ability to make yards after the catch?
TB: They all run well after the catch. They’re all very elusive. Donte’ [Stallworth] is very powerful, Wes [Welker] is very elusive, Randy [Moss] is a threat every time he gets the ball. The backs did a great job today, I thought, of making guys miss. I think that run after catch was awesome today, especially against a defense like this that’s very fast and aggressive and they’re all good tacklers and big hitters in the secondary. London Fletcher is one of the best middle linebackers in the league. They’ve got a great pair of safeties that rush the passer well, [Phillip] Daniels and Andre Carter did a great job. I just think we were trying to get the ball out quick because we knew that rush was coming.

Q: Back to that Vrabel touchdown. Every pass he’s caught has been for a touchdown. He gets wide open. You said it was a great sell by the offensive line, but how does he get that open? He’s caught ten touchdown passes.
TB: If they’re playing the pass and you run it then they’re screwed, and if you try to make it look like a run and he slips out for a pass then you leave him open. He’s very good at evading defenders and getting off the line of scrimmage. He’s very quick [and] he uses his hand well. He’s got good hands when he catches it.


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