Adalius Thomas fires back

Posted on October 24, 2007 
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Big doings in the New England locker room today — Patriots linebacker Adalius Thomas responded to former teammate Ray Lewis, who had labeled Thomas a “coward.” Here’s the complete transcription of the relatively quick give-and-take Thomas had with the media in front of his locker late this morning at Gillette Stadium.

On the comments made by Ray Lewis…
First of all, about the quotes that was on me, I don’t think I recall any of the conversation I had, I don’t think what I said came out that way. I could be totally wrong. Like I said, it was a compliment of the Patriots. I never downed the Ravens. Anybody that has seen me do an interview in seven years knows my integrity isn’t that. If I have something to say to somebody, then I’ll say it. Nothing that I said was a comment or shot at the Ravens, or none of the players. Actually, I said I had a chance to play with Hall of Fame players that was not in that quote. I went on to name names. Ray Lewis was one of the names I named, one of the players who was a great player. The only problem I have is the coward comment. To call me a coward … you have my phone number. You can call me. I will call Ray, personally myself. I don’t want to sit here and throw back and forth, and make this a media frenzy as far as that goes. I’m bigger than that. I’m better than that. As far as calling me a coward I think that goes to something personal. I don’t like it. I will address that with him personally myself. To attack my integrity, as far as that goes, and say you had to make a scheme up for me, I didn’t know they made up outside linebacker for me. I really didn’t know that. I know he was crying about a big guy in the middle so you can keep blockers off of you. I mean, I don’t know if that’s a scheme made for you or not. As far as that goes, if you want to criticize your head coach, talk about a coward. You can go right upstairs and talk to him like a man, just like you’re talking about me. As far as that goes, I’m just here to play football. I’m worried about the Redskins. Ray Lewis means nothing to me, as far as his comments or anything else that he says. I love him like a brother. Other than that, as far as me being a coward, I felt like that was a personal shot. That’s the only problem I have with it.

Why do you think Ray called you that?
You’ll have to ask him that. I’ll ask him that again. I’ll ask him that, I’ll call him personally myself and I’ll talk to Ray. Again, there are a lot of things that could be said right now but none of them can really be solved by trying to go back and forth with ‘he said, she said.’ If I have something to say, anybody that knows me, I don’t hold my tongue for nobody. If I have something to say, I’ll say it to Ray, or I’ll say it to anybody else that is out there. But I’m not here to go back and forth with, ‘He said, she said’ or try to throw a quote at somebody that indirectly. Because there was a misquote with Bart Scott in the paper and I picked the phone up and I called Bart. I talked to Bart and Bart said ‘Man, that’s not the way it came out.’ That’s how you solve that. You pick the phone up. If you think I took a shot at you, pick the phone up and call me. Because at no point when I did the interview did I ever try to take a shot at anybody at Baltimore or any of the players. I have friends there.

On what he was trying to say…
The only thing I tried to say was that it’s different here than it was there. I said I’ve played with Hall of Fame guys on both sides of the ball and I named players on both sides, and that’s what I said. I said the superstars that were there were everyday household names, from Randall Cunningham to Deion Sanders, those are everyday household names. That’s what I said, but that got cut out. That’s how it went. As far as that goes, I said Belichick is the same way. Everybody here shies away from the media. I said the head coach there, he stayed in the media when I was there. That’s not a shot, that’s a fact.


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