Sammy Morris Q&A

Posted on September 26, 2007 
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Through the first three games of the regular season, running back Sammy Morris has been a backup in name only — the veteran has posted 151 rushing yards, second on the team behind starter (and neighbor) Laurence Maroney, and has a pair of touchdowns. He spoke about his role on the team, his relationship with Maroney and his thoughts on the Bengals this morning at Gillette Stadium:

Saw the Sox cap in your locker. Are you a Red Sox fan?
Just of late, actually. I met [Josh] Beckett at the Beckett Bowl, and went to a game recently. They’ve kind of grown on me. The Braves are my favorite team, actually.

Coach just called you a really professional, dependable guy. How do you react to that?
It’s flattering. When I come in every day, I just try to be me, and just give my team all I’ve got.

What’s been the biggest surprise for you so far?
I think everyone here holds themselves to high expectations, and that comes from the top. I think we expect to go out and make big plays and expect to play well. So nothing has really been a surprise for me.

How has it been working with Laurence? You guys seem to have a pretty complimentary running style.
I think our running back group as a whole is multifaceted. I think each of us brings a different aspect to the game. But when it comes to me and Laurence, I think we have a great relationship away from the field. As I’ve said before, he’s my neighbor, and that kind of helps with the environment when we do come to work.

What are some of the things that stand out for you about this Cincinnati defense?
They play hard — they’re a ball-hawking defense. They thrive off turnovers and they’ve been able to get them. They have a lot of athletes back there, and they play well and I think they’re pretty disciplined in what they do.

With an explosive offense like Cincinnati has, is there more pressure on the offense to produce?
I think as an offense, we go into each game with that attitude. We have to score. We have to do our part to keep the defense off the field and eliminate turnovers. Especially this week against a team that does so well at getting turnovers, it puts the onus a little more on us to play more ball control and play better in the red zone — to make sure we come out with six instead of three.

Did you have certain expectations about your role and how involved you would be with this team coming into the season?
My expectations were to be involved. That’s really all I was expecting, to be involved. After that, the coaches made their own decisions.


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