Jarvis Green Q&A, 9/5

Posted on September 5, 2007 
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Defensive lineman Jarvis Green is expected to get the start in place of Richard Seymour in Sunday’s regular-season opener against the Jets. As a result, he was one of the more popular guys in the Gillette Stadium locker room this morning. Here’s a portion of his Q&A with the media:

On excitement over starting…
I’m very excited. It’s human nature. Going out there and starting the season off as a starter, it’s a great opportunity. But it’s also a great opportunity to get better.

On frustrations with his role in New England over the years…
Definitely. The team that we have, the guys know their roles. It all starts up top, as far as what the coach demands of us and expects of us. Yes, of course I would like to go and play more, but that’s just the system. When you get a chance to go in the games, you have to make the best of it.

On what he’s learned from Richard Seymour…
Let me say this — I’m 28 and Richard is 27 [laughter]. As far as on the field, he brings to the field a great all-around game. I know with me, the position I play, I try and take a little bit from each person. I watch Ty Warren’s game, I watch Vince Wilfork’s game. Not just Richard, but all the other guys, and we all try to learn things from each other.

On stepping in to start possibly speaking to the prep work the backups and the other No. 2 guys go through…
It’s very important. We do a lot of things in the offseason as far as the guys working together. I think it’s important for guys to be together as far as the time we do have. It helps, in terms of getting on the field and doing the right things. When you give a guy with not much experience getting playing time, when he steps on the field, he has to be ready to communicate with other guys who have been playing on the field most of the time.

On always being ready…
Always. It doesn’t matter who you are. Always.

On being the best non-starting defensive lineman in the NFL…
Sounds good, huh? It sounds good [laughter]. For me, it’s motivation. It sounds good, but the biggest thing for me is to be able to go out there and become a starter. That’s my biggest goal.

Is that a double-edged sword?
I mean, that’s pretty much what’s been expected of me since I’ve been here, and that’s the way it goes.

How does your preparation change as a starter as opposed to being someone coming off the bench?
I can’t mess around eating sunflower seeds all day, I’ll tell you that [laughter]. As far as the course of the week, it starts on Day One, getting here early and doing the things I have to do and spending more and more time on film, because I’ll be honest with you — when I wasn’t in this position, I could have watched more film. I could have studied my playbook more. But it’s even more of a concern now.

You know [the Jets] pretty well, though, with all the time you’ve played them.
Three times last year, yeah. That’s a lot. Three times playing the guys, [but] the games change as far as the circumstances and the way the guys play. In the course of a season, the guys will get better or they’ll get worse. They won’t stay the same. Now, four times in the past year? That’s a lot of time to play against an individual. There’s a lot we know about each other.


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