Ellis Hobbs Q&A, 9/5

Posted on September 5, 2007 
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Cornerback Ellis Hobbs has a lot on his plate this Sunday — the Jets wide receivers, and Jerricho Cotchery in particular, have been able to put up big numbers the last few times the Patriots have faced New York. In this quick portion of the Q&A he held with reporters this morning at his Gillette Stadium locker, Hobbs offered his take on the New York wide receivers, as well as some other topics:

You guys have played the Jets a lot lately, but in the first game of the new season, do you have to be ready for wrinkles you haven’t seen from them in the past?
Yeah, I think you can expect that with any team, but what you really have to expect is that they’ve been preparing for us all offseason, after the playoff game. You can’t kid yourself in that. But you have to understand that when you have two teams like this, the one who is going to execute what they do the best is going to come out on top.

How tough is it going to be not having Richard and Rodney for the first part of the season?
We just have to understand that’s what it is. There’s nothing we can change about that right now. Each man has his own problems to deal with, and it’s not our job to comment on what’s wrong, what’s going on, who should be out there and why are they’re not out there. We have to understand that our job has to continue on, and we have to go out there and do it.

Is it easier knowing that you’ve played without star players in the past?
I think it helps us tremendously, it helps us see that we can do it. Regardless of who is out of the game, we have to go out there and do our part, make our share of plays and we’ll be OK.

On the level of familiarity with the Jets making this week any easier?
No, it doesn’t make it any easier. It actually makes it harder. They know your team and your tendencies. They know what’s going on. Now, granted, we do also. But what you can say about this game is that the one who executes the most, what they do most, will come out on top.

On the Jets wide receivers, specifically Jerricho Cotchery…
Not just the talent, but they do a great job as far as the scheming goes, as far as keeping those guys in motion, keeping them moving around, allowing them to play to their strengths — their quickness, their playmaking ability. Pennington gets the ball to them very quickly and allows them to be playmakers out there with the ball in their hands.


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