Rodney Harrison Q&A

Posted on August 22, 2007 
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Here’s a portion of the transcript from Rodney Harrison’s Q&A with reporters this morning at Gillette Stadium.

On the progress of the defense…
We did some good things, and there are some things we didn’t do well. But we’re working hard — like I said, the communication is getting a lot better right now. Guys are flying around and hustling and really taking it to the next level. And that’s what’s important.

On the importance of the third preseason game…
Each week is a test. Each week it just builds up, more and more, heading into the regular season. Everyone wants to circle the third preseason game as the marquee game, but each week we try and build momentum, we try and build confidence. You try to build something with your team, and I think this is an opportunity for us to go out there and try and build on what we’ve already been doing through training camp. We’ll see what happens.

On the possibility of extended time…
We’re all prepared to play four quarters, so, I don’t know if we’re playing one quarter or four quarters or what. We’re always mentally and physically prepared for that. As much time as you can get, it doesn’t matter. I’m ready to play 60 minutes and get a chance to get out there and communicate with my defensive backs and my linebackers and see what happens.

On appreciating this more now…
I wouldn’t say I appreciate it more, but for the most part, I’ve had a great appreciation for the game. That’s why I’ve never tried to take it for granted. I’ve always worked hard. I’ve always treated each year like I was a rookie or as though this was my last year. So from that standpoint, you go out there each and every day and try to have fun, but at the same time, it’s very serious, because all it takes is one play for it to be over.

How many preseason games does it take to get in football shape?
Everyone is different, for me, I like the fact that you get the chance to play two or three games. Do I think we need five games? No. That’s just my opinion. We’re scheduled for for four games, however it works out. Everyone is different. Sometimes it takes guys one game, sometimes, it takes them four. Me in particular, I’m in pretty good shape, so I’m ready to go.

So you’re in game shape right now?
I’m in pretty good shape.

On the day-to-day process of training camp and the danger of trying to do too much too fast…
I think there is a danger. I think that’s why coach puts such emphasis on day-to-day … the next practice. Not worrying about who we play down the road or anything like that, because it’s a daily grind. We’re all trying to get back familiar with all the calls and adjustments and everything. A big part of training camp is growing day to day and making sure you get better.

On thinking or fooling yourself into thinking you can pick up where you left off last year…
It might be a natural occurrence for that to happen. And that’s why you have training camp — to get all the rust off you and to understand that you added some players and you lost some players and you’re not going to be the same team, good or bad, that you were the previous year. So you just have to come in and continue to work and build and get everyone back familiar. I’m sure Tom, he has to get familiar with the receivers, as well as myself getting familiar with everyone else and Bruschi getting familiar with everyone else. So it’s a work in progress as you try and get it all together, because you have five days of practice, but you only have one day, really, to execute everything you’ve been practicing, and that’s on Sunday.


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