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Posted on August 18, 2007 
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Here is uncut locker room Q&A from after tonight’s Patriots-Titans game with defensive lineman Le Kevin Smith, punter Danny Baugher, running back Kevin Faulk and safety Rodney Harrison.

Defensive lineman Le Kevin Smith
Did you know that coming into tonight you would get so many reps?
They gave me a heads up earlier this week, and they always keep us in a “be-prepared” mode. It was nice to get the reps — they were needed.

How did it feel?
It felt good, just to be out playing a game. every game is more experience. You can practice all day, but there’s nothing like getting the experience of being in an actual game.

Is it difficult being behind these three defensive linemen?
I don’t see it as difficult, because there’s so much knowledge behind them. All of them have been in the league for a good bit of years, so I’m just soaking it all up like a sponge.

How do you feel at this stage of camp?
As far as the body, it’s training camp. There’s a lot of cold-tubbing going on. But I feel good. Just trying to go day-by-day.

How did the sack feel?
It felt great. All sacks feel great.

What have you learned from those three guys?
They’ve been teaching me a lot. I’ve never played in this kind of defense, and it just helps to have them know so much about it, so I can move at an advanced pace as a better backup.

What happened on the sack?
He just tried to step up and I just rolled off.

On his cut lip…
It feels a little nasty. I got stitched inside and outside, top and bottom. I bit through my mouthguard.

Punter Danny Baugher
On his 70-yard punt…
It felt like any other punt. I just went out there ready for the situation.

On his development…
It’s just another step, another game. … I’m just trying to do the same thing I always do and just be ready for any situation that comes across and just do my best to help the team.

What’s your career long?
I had a 78-yarder in college.

On Josh Miller’s release…
I don’t even think about that stuff. I just try to handle my business and do the best I can to help the team win.

How were the conditions?
I was actually kind of happy for it, because the more work you can get in those type of conditions, the better punter you’ll be when it happens.

On kicking in Gillette Stadium…
You just have to be ready for whatever comes at you. I try not to think about it too much. I just accept it for what it is. There’s nothing you can control about the weather. You can’t control the weather. You can only control what you do. That’s my only focus on that.

Running back Kevin Faulk
Are you getting anxious to get the whole starting offense on the field at the same time?
You know, it’s the National Football League. Things happens and guys get hurt. You never can tell. But you always want to have everybody out there playing and everybody fighting with you to win a game.

Tom took some pretty big shots tonight…
It’s always tough to see your starting quarterback take some hits, but it’s the National Football League. You’re going to get hit. You just have to bounce back and hope he doesn’t get hit that much over the course of the game.

Do you feel like the offense has improved since the last week?
We still have a lot of work to do. There are some things we have to do. We need to get the ball moving.

Are things getting tedious in camp? Are you anxious to start the season?
We’ll look at the film and then, I don’t think we’ll be that anxious to get out of camp. We had four turnovers on offense, so that’s probably four hours worth of work right there.

On your work tonight…
As a competitor, you always want to have that responsibility. But at the same time, we have some key guys hurt, and so you have to step up and know your role on the team.

Safety Rodney Harrison
Do you think the defense is improving on a daily basis?
It’s just two preseason games. We have a lot of work to do. We have a lot of work to do. We gave up a couple of big runs.

On watching Tom take some hits…
Quarterback take hits, throughout the league. Tom’s a tough kid and he works very hard to prepare his body to take that kind of physical beating over the course of a 16- or 20-week season. He’s a tough kid. What can you say?

Do you feel like you’re in midseason form right now? It looked like…
Are you kidding me? It’s the second preseason game. I have a long way to go. I have a long way to go. I have a lot of work to do. And it starts tomorrow in the weight room.

Are the things you guys are doing in practice translating into the game?
Well, we practice hard, we work hard, we study a lot. The communication is getting better, and that’s something we take a lot of pride in, making sure the communication is good, so the first deal is taking care of lining up and making adjustments and knowing your assignments, so those are the weekly progressions, and we’re doing a good job of that.

On the hits tonight…
Football is football. It’s a preseason game, but they’re coming out to take it to us and we want to take it to them. This is a good gauge. They have a big, physical team that was really one game away last year from making the playoffs, so we want to come in here and get better. In some areas we did, and some areas, we didn’t.

On his sack…
I’m not walking you through the sack. It was one play, that’s all. No big deal.

You seemed more excited than normal afterward…
Any time you get a chance to get a hit on a quarterback, you’d get excited to.

It came right after their hit on your quarterback.
Yeah, so? Make it a little more special, huh? You see your quarterback on the ground, you look up and you say ‘Guys, it’s time to put their quarterback on the ground.’


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