YouTube Interview with Randy Moss - Any Concern About Character Issues?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by maverick4, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. maverick4

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    This interview is surprising. Randy Moss sounds a lot more mature and grounded than the media makes him out to be. He talks about a variety of subjects, including his family, his childhood, his goals, his mistakes, and football. He sounds like a hardworking, level headed guy, with zero BS (I swear I am not being a homer).

    There are things that are undefendable, such as Moss not trying in Oakland, or walking out on a game in Minnesota, but I have to believe this guy truly cares about winning, and will be a model citizen in New England.

    Some guys (see Corey Dillon) who care about winning handle losing really badly. Hell, even reports about Tom Brady from friends and family say that Tom is a sore loser and hyper competitive to the point where he blows up if he doesn't win.

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  2. PatsFanInVa

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    Re: Amazing YouTube Interview with Randy Moss

    Eh, it wasn't really an eye opening video. It was a PR video for Randy Moss... so of course he's saying the right things.

    I see him as still being a question mark, but he's in the perfect position right now to put the "Winners make bad losers" theory to the test.

    I don't like that even in the PR video, he says what God put us here for is to "showcase our talents..." To an extent, it still makes me think oh my God, is he going to be whining about Stallworth getting too many balls?

    But of course, I go in thinking primarily... WE GOT RANDY FREAKIN MOSS!

    ...And we'll see how he behaves in September. Or maybe before. But still, is Randy worth your spare 4? I think so.

  3. maverick4

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    Re: Amazing YouTube Interview with Randy Moss

    I agree he has done several immature things in his past, however he sounds contrite and regretful about those things, and I also think that winning a championship is his #1 priority at this stage in his life. Randy Moss could be like Chris Carter in that they were both immature guys who became mature and wise as they aged.
  4. AirForcePatFan

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    Re: Amazing YouTube Interview with Randy Moss

    Awesome video... I believe he will be fine here in New England, he realizes this is his last shot at a SB ring... If he can't make it in New England, no team will want him...
  5. Fogbuster

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    Re: Amazing YouTube Interview with Randy Moss

    I think Randy's character is what it is. Like all of us. Now the issue is to keep it channeled into doing constructive things as much as possible; then make sure the team around him can deal with the "down time" he will probably go through. Iow, no one guy, no matter who he is, can be allowed to pull down the rest of the team. And I don't think BB or the team will allow it.

    Anyway, for a fourth round pick in this draft, Randy Moss is worth the effort.
  6. dryheat44

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    Re: Amazing YouTube Interview with Randy Moss

    Hey...some players play strictly for money. There's nothing wrong with that. If the green (money, not herb) is what motivates you to be unstoppable on Sundays, I'll take that. Moss knows that playing well this year is his last chance to see another fat payday.

    It doesn't hurt that the metro Foxboro area isn't the easiest place to find oneself in trouble.
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  7. maverick4

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    Re: Amazing YouTube Interview with Randy Moss

    The fact that he's willing to restructure tells me he isn't about money or fame anymore, but thinking about his legacy, which means championships.
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  8. maverick4

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    From Randy Moss' conference call:
    Moss opened with a statement:

    “How’s everybody doing? Thank you all for taking your time out, for patiently waiting. I don’t think you all understand how excited I am to be a part of this organization. I think their record and what they’re about speaks massive volumes. I’m just very, very happy to find some happiness and getting back to what I love to do – that’s play football and going out there and compete.”

    At the end of the conference call, Moss was asked about running a 4.29 40-yard dash in front of Bill Belichick.

    “The Moss of old is back,” he said. “We’ll leave it at that.”
  9. maverick4

    maverick4 Banned

    Moss tore up his old contract that would have paid him 20 million over 2 years. His new contract? 1 year for 3M, with 2M in incentives.

    He put his money where his mouth his. HE CAME TO PLAY AND WIN.
  10. RayClay

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    Let the propagandizing begin!

    I believe, I believah!!!!
  11. maverick4

    maverick4 Banned

    Well do you think he'll be a cancer, or not?
  12. maverick4

    maverick4 Banned

    Michael Felger is all over this today, he is making Randy Moss seem like pure evil.
  13. Bella*chick

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    Eh, what else is new?
  14. Gumby

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    I hope this video was from a while back. For the first 5 minutes; every time he is there "working out" with his shirt off; he is bent over like he can't get enough air. (out of shape randy?)

    If nothing else it points out he is savvy enough to get out another side of the story to make the trade deal happen. Whether it is true or be proven on the field (and off the field).
  15. PatsFaninAZ

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    The "walking off the field" incident.

    I never understood the big deal that was made of this. The game was over. The team couldn't win.

    It's a no-no. You never give up in football. And even if you have given up in your mind, you don't show it.

    Still, I always viewed this incident as telling about Moss in two respects. First, is the not so pleasant side. He doesn't think the rules that apply to everyone else apply to him. That's clear. That's bad. That's a story. But second, his motivation was not that he didn't care, but that he cares too much. He was simply bitterly disappointed, and didn't want to be around any more -- so much so that he did what he did knowing he would take the heat. I love a sore loser. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are sore losers.

    F*ck the media making these things stories, and F*uck all the stupid conventions about how you are "supposed" to act. Fine, Peyton Manning and Mike Kryzewski are great at the "loser's interview," and so they can have all the endorsements. Give me a guy that doesn't know how to act and loses his mind when he loses. That guy will do one of two things -- (1) work his ass off to make sure that it doesn't happen again, or (2) realize it's out of his control and just stop giving a crap so that he doesn't feel the hurt any more about losing.

    Randy Moss has, now, for years played on teams where number 2 was the only option. Now he's on a team where 1 is back in play, and already he's put his money where his mouth is to show that it's what he wants.

    I genuinely believe that people don't understand Randy Moss. He cares too much, not too little. Always has. Yes, he also has that aspect of thinking he's too good for the rules to apply to him, but I think we can deal with that. It's the first part that I care about most.
  16. maverick4

    maverick4 Banned

    I agree. Randy Moss is a sore loser just like Tom Brady is. They both go ballistic if they lose, or it really bothers them, which is something I LIKE.

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