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You're Fired!: Why did it happen, and what will it bring?

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Real World, Nov 8, 2006.

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    Aug 15, 2006
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    The GOP got smoked last night. There is no other way to put it. The people spokein a loud voice, and told the GOP to beat it, as they were not happy with the country's current direction. In my eyes, they pretty much deserved it.

    There are alot of reasons for their demise. An unpopular war in Iraq, uncontrolled spending, massive deficits, scandals, corruption, a slow Katrina response, and the entire bit about torture. All in all, there is no one issue that caused the damage they recieved last night. The fall from grace was due to a culmination of the incidents that I mention. Had there been no scandals or corruption, Iraq alone would not have lost them controll. Had Iraq not happened, then the corruption & spending wouldn't have lost them control. Ultimately, it was the combination of failures and missteps, over time, that pushed people to fire the GOP. Again, they deserved it.


    So what does all this mean? Was this simply disdain for one party, or was it support for the other? Was this a mandate from the people, or a message to our leaders? What does the new minority party do, and what does the now majority party think? These are all important questions. Questions which I think many will interpret differently. To me, this was far more of a vote against the GOP, than it was a vote for the Democratic Party. As most of you know, I abhore the two party system. Today's politics amounts to choosing between Burger King & McDonalds, or coke & Pepsi. Disdain for one side, only ensures the rise of the other. I find this extremely inefficient, and highly detrimental to the democratic process. Basically, the people suffer. I mention this because of what will prove to be the most critical aspect of yesterdays results. How will each party view the results? That, to me, is the million dollar question.

    Think back to the 2004 election. GW won, and in the process became the most voted for president in history. In his speeches that followed, he spoke about having "political capital" to spend. He, and his party, viewed the win as a "mandate" from the people. Well, they were wrong. What they failed to realize is that people in that election voted for who they believed to be the lesser of two evils. They did not vote for GW because they thought he was an excellent president, just as they did not vote for John Kerry because they felt he would make one. People voted for each candidate for fear of the other. This my friends, was not a mandate from the people, it was a travesty to the cause that is democracy. The administrations ignorance, and arrogance, proved to be fatal. It cost them control yesterday. The interpretation of yesterdays results now faces each party in different ways. Does the GOP see this as a message for them to return to there fiscally conservative principles? Or do they continue the ignorance that returned them this result. Do the Dems see this as a mandate? Or do they understand that this was a no vote for Coke, as opposed to a yes vote for Pepsi. This is where the future of this country will be decided.

    My feeling on the results are simple. The people do not want extremists from either side to shape, or decide policy. In 1994 the GOP won because of the Dem's move to the left. There leftist driven agenda was rejected by the people. The GOP's gain of power, and subsequent move to the far right, has now resulted in the same rejection. The people want moderates& centrists who are sane, sensible, fiscally responsible, and willing to work together. The question is, will that be what they get?

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