You know what would make Sen. Prune Juice, even look more stupid

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Sean Pa Patriot, May 16, 2008.

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    Matt Weasel on HBO apparently said, that in 2000 a QB says the taping helped him against tampa from the pre season make it 75 percent better in the reg season

    Lets say Sen Spinctor, will say Im going to call Tom brady on this.. - Guess what Sen, Brady was the 4 th string QB he never played then..

    Ok call Bledsoe in, even though he still may have a axe to grind .- Uh I remember that game, I went to it. And it was a typical Bledsoe game, 5 sacks hurried throws, it did not help his game

    Mike Bishop= Well since he could not study the play book, maybee he had a tape of any given sunday and it made him smarter..

    I know its dumb , but was thinking about that quote what Walsh said ,and figure Spinctor needs to hold on to something..
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    Re: You know what would make Sen Prune Juice , even look more stupid

    It was said that one of the backup QBs or some other offensive player was the one studying signals, not the starter, or anyone who played in that game.
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