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You Go Grandma

Discussion in 'The PatsFans.com Pub' started by reflexblue, Oct 12, 2009.

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    100 year old women sets shot put record, and she doesn't eat her vegitables....BTW thats what ill look like if i keep reading some of the threads here.

    Female athlete sets new shot put record at age 100 - Yahoo! News

    SYDNEY (Reuters Life!) – The oldest female athlete at the World Masters Games in Sydney has broken a world record in the shot put -- at the age of 100.

    All eyes were on Ruth Frith, from Brisbane, as she arrived for day two of the World Masters Games, hoping to win gold in the shot put and feeling pretty confident as she was the only competitor in the over-100s category.

    But her 4.07 metre (13 ft 4.2 in) throw on Sunday didn't just win her gold, but also broke a world record.

    "As long as I didn't foul I was going to win it," Frith told Reuters Television.

    The great-grandmother is also a keen hammer and javelin thrower and believes other pensioners should follow her example.

    Frith trains five days a week, regularly lifting 35 kg (77 lb) weights. She doesn't drink or smoke and she doesn't eat vegetables either, claiming she hasn't liked them since she was young.
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    I jumped out of a second floor window onto my horse's back.

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