Yahoo! Sports say's Carolina & Oakland are draft day winners?....WTF

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by Afterlifemobile-86, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. Afterlifemobile-86

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  2. Seels

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    Ha, ironically, his list is my biggest draft losers, aside from KC, and include Houston.

    Carolina selected a RB when they already had one in the first round two years ago, and have a mediocre defense, and serious concerns at QB, WR, and TE. They had a MAJOR reach on Otah. You'd think with the moves they made they're in win it now mode, when i see at absolute best a 10-6 season for them.

    Baltimore had a major reach on Flacco, and did nothing to improve their ancient defense.

    Jacksonville drafted well, I guess, but reached everywhere they took a player. Also in win it now mode. They fixed the pass rush, but didn't do much of anything for the pass D.

    This guys pretty funny.

    The obvious winners in the draft were KC, Miami, and Dallas.
  3. Afterlifemobile-86

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    Really, You didn't like the Zbikowski & Gooden pick ups? Let's face Baltimore needed the injection on offense. I thought Baltimore had a decent draft.
  4. Seels

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    Yea, I liked their draft, basing most of it off of feeling they reached on Flacco. I wouldn't even call it a reach, reaches are when you go early for a good player, something I just don't see Flacco as.
  5. reflexblue

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    I'm going with Jacksonville and KC as having the best drafts. Jacsonville had a real good team on Friday now its a lot better. I think they'll be there in the end next season. Like their personel directer said, they didn't feel any 3rd rounder would make the team so they traded up.

    KC well give them about five years,and will see.

    After reading up on Wheatly and going back and reading up on some of the other db's I don't think we did all that bad either
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  6. TealSox

    TealSox Guest

    I think it is stupid to judge a draft before any of the picks put on a jersey, but I will say that outside of McFadden (and based upon publications) the Raiders' draft wasn't very sexy. I think KC's draft isn't sexy either. Yeah, based upon the media, it looks like they got a ton of top ranked talent, but a Chris Johnson, Malcom Kelly or Mike Hart would had been sexy.

    On the other end, I think the Ravens' draft was extremely sexy, in the sense that the players they chose have fan appeal to them. A QB that will eventually start for them, they hope, and a running back like Ray Rice? Ravens' fans can really buy into performers and not the guys in the trenches.
  7. jeffbiologist

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    I think the Ravens did just OK the first day. They got taken by JX on that trade, and taken again on the trade back....essentially only adding a 3rd for a drop of 10 spots.
    I REALLY like their 2nd day. It looked like they tried to fill alot of holes on a non playoff team.
    I think JX did a good job too, they made out by getting their guy Harvey(but may have overpayed him to production but only time will tell). And their trade for Groves may have been the single best trade of the draft. They identified the 2 major holes and filled them. This is how a playoff-mode team acts, its how we were last year.
    Considering where they were drafting, I would also say the Giants did well...
  8. bakes781

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    Is McFadden gonna sell tickets for the next couple of seasons? Sure, but by the time Russell has developed McFadden's gonna probably be used goods & wishing for the days when he had Felix to relieve him occasionally. The Raiders could've had Glenn Dorsey & they blew it.
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