Ya Wanna See the Definition of "Homer"???

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by shmessy, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. shmessy

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  2. shmessy

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    BTW, Spurrier was not a bad NFL coach, he was just misunderstood.
  3. Ichiro

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    Heh, I has on that forum earlier. One poster compared the redskins to the new york yankees, claiming that the team has the most talent as well as the highest payroll.
    That team will soon be in salary cap hell (a la the Titans) and they don't have much talent to speak of anyway. Gibbs will retire, Brunell will retire, and they've traded away most of their first round picks the last 5 years. Poorly managed team.
    BTW- what was most eye-opening was their lack of depth. Probably the worst second stringers I've seen in a while. Our second team OL completely blew them off the ball.
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  4. 363839

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    Oh brother.
    Let me get this straight now. The only reason the Skins lost was because they were treating the game like training camp drills??!!!??
    Oh, and also they weren't going full speed.
    In other words, they just weren't trying.
    Ok. Gotcha.

    So what happened to all that talk of how this was such a must win for them after performiing so poorly in the other 2 games?
  5. scout

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    Wow! Are they in for a surprise this Fall.
    Not to mention the announcers stated that this game was the last game for most of the starters as next week teams will be playing a lot of players on the bubble. I guess Washington is on a different schedule and next week they should see a difference in their play. Ah, such confidence after a 41-0 schalacking.
  6. Bella*chick

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    I saw this thread.....one more nutty thread among many! It is so annoying but on nights like last night, it's highly entertaining as well. I especially enjoyed one poster who complained that the Pats took this preseason game way too "seriously." Um, yeah, we showed you EVERYTHING last night, yeah right!:rolleyes:

    I can't wait for the local sports talk radio shows this week.:D

    One thing that is truly humorous though....you'll see thread after thread over there about how it's preseason, who cares, doesn't matter, Gibbs always loses in preseason, blah, blah, blah. One eventually has to wonder if it's so pointless and meaningless, why there are close to 2,000 posts for every preseason game they play.
  7. Patriot Missile

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    Wow! That was one of the clearest,most well thought out posts ever posted in the Redskins forum. Sean Taylor played at half speed. The offensive line only played minimum protection all but 3 plays in the first half.{Gibbs wanted to see how big of a hit Brunell could take} After all it's just preseason and the Pat's players will just ease off.

    That poster just slipped down a well and every Skin poster that concurred jumped in without a rope to save him.
  8. stinkypete

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    It's easy to take a preseason loss and dismiss it as evaluation and some coordinators tinkering.

    However, there is no silver lining to be found when you lose 41-0. I know we Pats fans are homers to the max, but if the score were reversed, we'd be running around in a panic like the building was on fire.

    Was the game an evaluation of Brunell? Maybe. If so he evaluated poorly. Sure Clinton Portis was injured, but TJ Duckett showed he can't run against a powerful front 7. Was the game used to experiment with a new Gregg Williams defensive gimmick? Probably, but it didn't work.
  9. MrTibbs

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    That was one sad thread..............Thats as bad as being pissy stumbling drunk and claiming you are completely sober.
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  10. zippo59

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    Wow. Thats is some serious positive spin.
  11. R_T26

    R_T26 Banned

    Im sure Gibbs plan all along was to get smoked and go into the regular season without his offense scoring a td. Both teams were vanilla, the pats just executed. It should'nt matter if your only using 2 % of the playbook, if you cant even execute that 2%, thats pretty bad.It looked like men against boys last night.
  12. R_T26

    R_T26 Banned

    I like the guy who thinks their offense stunk just so they could work on their special teams LOL. As if the Redskins offense (thats not that great to begin with and now has a new OC) is running like a fine tuned machine and can afford to work on their special team in the 3rd preseason game.
  13. FloridaPatsFan

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    IMO you can take 2 things out of this. The Pats are very good or the Skins are very bad. It might be both. It might be neither.

    Gregg Williams was the Bills head coach and must have some knowledge of Pats/Brady. For the Skins D to give it up like a drunken prom queen says that either Williams is still a moron or his D has no chance against good offensive teams. I'm leaning strongly towards Williams is still a moron. A good buddy of mine is a die hard Bills fan and he wanted Williams whacked. I forget the name of the offensive coordinator in Buffalo when Williams was there but the guy was the worst OC in the league by far.

    If the Pats lost 41-0, yes, I would have a hard time spinning that into something positive.
  14. Slagathor

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    No, I believe this is all true.

    As a matter of fact, the Pats were running a drill of their own.

    It was Belichicks patented "Let's see how bad we can kick the Redskins Ass" drill.

    I hear they ran it at only 1/4 speed.
  15. R_T26

    R_T26 Banned

    Greg Williams is a much better coordinator then HC, one of the best in the business.
  16. zippo59

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    Yeah, when playing against Dalla and Drew "The Statue" Bledsoe.
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  17. patchick

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    Sniff. <wiping aside a tear at the shear beauty of this post>
  18. Willie55

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    That may have been one of the most unreal posts on there.
  19. bishbash

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    I'd vote for this one:
    "After a playoff season last year and some big acquisitions this year, I think Gibbs wanted to guard against overconfidence. Especially when overconfidence when it isn't warratned is one of the Redskins' biggest enemies historically (call it Norvitis if you wish). This is the kind of beating that Gibbs knows will drive this team to work harder than it has at any point this off-season and be as prepared as possible for Minnesota."
  20. PatsFanInVa

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    Yep, the man's a genius.

    Jayzus. They got beat just about every play, over and over again, 1s against 1s, 2s against 2s, whatever. And vanilla against vanilla just pointed up what was going on: they were getting manhandled.

    Okay, I'm trying not to get irrationally exuberant about preseason games. I really am. But at least I'm not in the Skins shoes trying to dismiss a 41-0 LOSS.

    It is what it is... a meaningless but thorough buttkicking. Why try to make it anything else?


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