ya know what, Adam...

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  1. PATRIOTS-80

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    was here longer than then the 2001 season. You know, back in the days with Pete Carroll, Drew, Terry Glenn, Chris Slade, and don't forget Chris Canty.

    He's a nice cog to the machine, but not the machine. I will never forget his snow bowl kick against the Raiders.

    However, Adam won't last forever. For example, Adam can't kick the ball into the endzone on kickoffs. (I have noticed that all last season way before he hit FA, BTW). Adam won't lose his accuracy, but will lose his distance. We got the best 10 years, his prime. At age 34, the Colts will NOT be getting his best years.
  2. true, but name a kicker on the market that is better than him right now.
  3. Patriot Games

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    You can't b/c there is no better K on the market.

    This loss is a sad.
  4. NE_PATS_FAN_54

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    name a kicker in the game that is better.
  5. PATRIOTS-80

    PATRIOTS-80 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    draft a rookie or go with the 28 year old Edinger.
  6. NE_PATS_FAN_54

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    stop drinking the belichick kool aid!!! my god, there is no excuse for losing adam.
  7. PATRIOTS-80

    PATRIOTS-80 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

  8. NE39

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    I think Todd Peterson would be a good replacement.

    The only problem with him is he is older and they would have to bring in a kickoff specialist, because Peterson doesn't have a big leg.
  9. PATRIOTS-80

    PATRIOTS-80 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    If you were BB, at what age (taking into account contract) would you replace Adam?
  10. hwc

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    Depends on how much of his decline has been due to physical problems.

    He fell to 50% on kicks of 40+ yards this year, the lowest percentage of his career.
  11. Pats726

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    Let's wait and see what the terms are...how much Polien threw at him to get him to go to Indy. THAT will be interesting if the money is that much higher. My preiction is it was a LOT!! I wonder how hard he'll bang his head against the wall when AV misses.
    Hey, he was the best while he was here...there is no taking back how clutch his kicks have been!!! The snow game kick MAY have been the greatest kick ever in the NFL!!! ANd his SB kicks are totally legendary!!
    But, he obviously has gone for the green and all I can say is see ya!! I really thought he had a shot at the HOF, but if he never has a big playoff or SB kick??? What then??
    Granted, we are talking about Manning and such, but are they on the way up or down?? Look at how they flubbed apart in the playoffs. I don't think a kicker makes that leap for them; certainly helps, but with loses like the Edge and Thornton...a lot to make up.
    If it had been almost any other team, I would be better with it...that it's Polien's horses..only makes me wish to puke.
  12. SVN

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    you know i never felt he wanted to be here ...this deal just confirms it...its easy to blame the pats for not paying but the kinda show he put on since before FA i didnt think he was coming back.
  13. Jacky Roberts

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    Here's the problem. What are guys like Brady and Seymour thinking right now? Brady took a discount to make sure the Pats could sign these guys and they didn't even try. If I were Seymour, I'd be counting down the days until free agency. I wouldn't be surprised if the Pats dont try to sign him before he hits Free Agency for some reason.

    This is so friggin' sad that they are ripping this team apart while their window to win is still wide open. Maybe they sign Arrington or trade for Moulds and this will change, but right now, this team is pretty pathetic right now.
  14. mavfan2390

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    thats just messed up adam, indy?
  15. jct

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    Vinateri Thank you for your contribution.
    We will have a younger,faster,stronger team next year.

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