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    Interviewer: Wes. How is the knee after the injury?

    Wes: What injury?

    Interviewer: The one in Houston.

    Wes: Oh, yea - Na, no biggie, I really just felt like coming out of that game and I was tired so I decided to lay down for a little while on that soft crappy field.

    Interviewer: Um, ok. But we all saw you crying on the sidelines

    Wes: CRYING....CRYING? There's no crying in football. Crying! Hell, no. I was just so excited and happy about getting to catch that ball that I really just became overcome with Joy.

    Interviewer: Right, why did you ride off on a cart?

    Wes: Well, wouldn’t you if you had the option? Why walk?

    Interviewer: Yea, I guess - Well you did not play in the playoff game.

    Wes: Yup, that was Giselle's idea. She's always got good ideas. She thought I should just go hang out with my hot girlfriend and take it easy for a game. Did you watch the game? Did you see my hot girlfriend sitting next to me? Hello - THAT's why I was not playing.

    Interviewer: But you were out on the field on crutches.

    Wes: Yup, wouldn’t you rather walk around on crutches if you had the option? Hell yea you would, it's very relaxing.

    Interviewer: Ok, Wes - nice talking to you. Before we go, what are your plans for the off season.

    Wes: Hang out with my BFF Tom, Giselle and my totally hot girlfriend. Go to Costa Rica, Have surgery on my Knee and ya know, just chill out. Thanks bye. <Click>

    Interviewer: Um, Hello Wes, Hello!
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    Funny, but Welker doesn't strike me as that sarcastic. :)
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    Oh, wow, Welker says the field was not the best. But the media told me BB was a big fat whiner for saying that!
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    haha that reminds me of Will Ferrel's Ricky Bobby movie
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    They have zero playmakers on the defensive side of the ball. Cannot replace Seymour, Vrabel, Harrison, Bruschi, in one year. Need to get lucky to replace those guys at all. Consider the replacements: Jarvis Green/Wright, Tully Banta-Cain/Burgess, James Sanders/McGowan and Myron Guyton. For big plays we must now look to Mayo and Meriweather, and so far they are a far cry from Bruschi and Harrison. Maybe these guys will develop, and they will get lucky in the draft. Free agents will be limited. Looks like a multi-year project to me.
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    Have you never listened to the PFW in Progress episode with Cassel and Welker as guests for the first 15 minutes?

    Those guys were hilarious.

    From Welker having a 3rd leg, Izzo having a 3rd toe... to Welker being a nice little player and Cassel's job being walking around holding Tom's balls.

    Some of these players would be hilarious Radio hosts when they're done with football.
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