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  1. Big Bucks

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    Moss has a big contract, Stallworth is trying to find love elsewhere, is there any WR's worth trading for..... or may want out of there current situation.

    Now for example would you send the first and third for say Larry Fitzgerald, there was recently press reports the player was not happy with the new coach, for reasons I do not know, I think he would be a great pickup in a trade.... they have Boldin and Bryant Johnson there.


    2007: $830,000
    2008: $1,092,500
    2009: $1,355,000
    2010: Free Agent

    The St. Paul Pioneer Press suggests the Vikings could look to trade for Larry Fitzgerald this offseason.

    Fitzgerald is a Minneapolis native and hasn't been enthusiastic about new coach Ken Whisenhunt, but dealing a franchise player would seem very unrealistic on the part of Arizona. It would also create quite a cap hit.

    Arizona could then move up to #3 and draft Calvin Johnson and have the other first still.

    What about you guys, anyone else.
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  2. cstjohn17

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    Yes, I would also trade the other number 1 and Larry Izzo for LT.
  3. JustWinBrady

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    Throwing in Izzo is giving up way too much. ;)
  4. The 12th Man

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    I think this Fitzgerald issue has been brought up a while ago and got shut down. I think a good trade can be for Darrell Jackson from Seattle. It was rumored that he wasn't happy with them and they would be willing to trade him. He is only 27, I think, or at least close to that. Jackson would clearly be the #1 guy for us, and he doesn't have ego problems such as Moss. I say pull the trigger if it's possible. Problem is what Seahawks want in return might be a 1st round pick and that's too steep, IMO. Maybe they can work something out like a 1st and 3rd for Jackson and a 2nd? Not sure.
  5. Return of the Nizz

    Return of the Nizz Practice Squad Player

    The only reason I would want Jackson would be for the sweet irony that Borges got suspended for the article that suggested this very same thing.

    Beyond that, he's fragile and drops a lot of balls.
  6. PatsWorldChamps

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    I would DEFINITELY do a 1 and 3 for LF.. in fact, to have LF for 3 years at those cheap salaries, id trade every non-comp pick except #24
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  7. The 12th Man

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    Not as fragile as Stallworth and not many seemed to care then. Anyway, Jackson's drop problems are of the past, that was a few years ago. He led WRs in TDs last year until he got hurt late. Anyway, I'm just saying he is a good option via trade out the possible ones. Probably won't happen.
  8. Rob0729

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    I can't see the Cards trading away Fitzgerald. I think any rumors that he is a potential trade to the Vikes is all media created. It is one of those things where the media figures he is from Minnesota (and was a Vikes ball boy) and was only in AZ because Dennis Green loved him. Now that there is a new regime there, they figure they might want to get value for him. I don't see it.

    The Cards have the skill positions in place on offense that if they can solidify their o-line and develop at least a average defense, they could win a weak NFC West this year. Why would they risk that to give up Fitzgerald and rebuild again.

    I think the Cards are a couple of pieces away from being a strong playoff contender and in the NFC that might be enough to get them to the Super Bowl.
  9. Big Bucks

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  10. europatfan

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    IMO the Patriots are not looking for a classic #1 wr or whatever you want to call it. I think they thought they had the deep threat wr spot filled for next year with Chad Jackson and obviously they don't, then they saw the chance to get Stallworth and that's the end of the story. If they can't sign Stallworth into a reasonable agreement, I think they're not going to get mad and start to look for other options like trade for Moss. I guess they'll try to fix the situation by draft.
  11. Oswlek

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    No offense, but what is the fascination with threads on trading for untradable players?

    NE will not get Fitzgerald and sooner than they will get Tomlinson or Steve Smith or Peyton Manning.

    Why in hell would Arizona trade a guy who they got for the #2 overall pick that has proven to be totally worth it for a #24?

    I have no objection to looking at options, but If you are going to discuss guys like Fitzgerald, you might as well say that every player in the league is an option.
  12. DW Toys

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    Lets dream of this one. Lance Briggs and Bernard Berrian and their #2 choice in this years draft (#63) for out two #1's and Eugene Wilson (they need a safety and at least Gino has a couple of SB rings, he is an Illinois grad and is recovered to play in 2007) and Marquis Hill (was not going to play here ahead of anyone especuially with the flexibility of Thomas, and was a 2nd round pick that in spite of all that, he made the team every year). Good young back up for them and the Bears have had injuries in the "D" line. Obviously BB and SP see something in this kid at 6' 6'' and 300lbs.

    What does this accomplish, class?......... We get our field "stretcher" young WR. We are set for years at LB (COULD HE PLAY MLB?). We don't have to worry about whether the 1's will make it or when the hell they are going to be ready to play. We get a choice back to go for a CB or SS. Gino is a FA in 2008(?). We get something for Hill.

    How 'bout Da Bears? They get rid of a pain in the a** who will be disruptive without a doubt (see D. Branch). This saves them face. They get not one but two #1's for a total of three. They get another safety they desperately need that happens to be from U. of Illinois. He could start over what they have. They get a backup DL who could blossom there.

    The CAP deal works because of the trades as they should even out. It's a WIN for everyone. It gets the PATS two players they can use and makes them better, It gives the Bears flexibility with (3) three number one choices in this years draft, plus two reasonable players (at least Wilson has a decent game history) and yes, there a fleet of WR in this years draft to replace Bernard. Plus Briggs is causing a rift with Urlacher and wants to get paid more than #54.

    The Pats still have some CAP room to offer Briggs a better deal and Berrian is under contract for another year or so.

    This makes so much sense it scares me.
    DW Toys
  13. JoeSixPat

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    Those contract numbers are almost Deion Branch like!

    Which of course raises the issue - what do you think the chances are Fitzgerald might hold out for a new contract a la Branch sometime VERY soon... and could this be the reason he might be traded?

    So throw out those numbers - if he were traded - for a VERY high price in draft picks or players - he would demand a new contract.

    And, in all fairness he deserves one - but it won't be cheap, if that's what you are going for.

    But again, all this presumes that the Patriots are looking for a 70 - 80 catch a season guy... i.e. a typical #1 WR. They are not. They are looking for a deep threat and it might be a bit of a waste to use Fitzgerald in that role.
  14. Pats726

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    I not like Jackson...and I think TC was so correct when he talked about him. So a trade?? Get someone who will fit in and nOT someone with a big head.
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  15. Big Bucks

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    OK...I undervalued LF, but the press were talking about the Cards moving him on, therefore IMO he is fairgame for discussion on whether he should be traded for. I would not have suggested LF if the fire had not been started by someone else, as it stands someone has already straightened out what happened there between the cards and LF, so I moved onto another...Bryant Johnson.

    No doubt though had I of said both firsts that would have been critizised too.
  16. Oswlek

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    I didn't realize that you meant Bryant Johnson. He is certainly a viable option.
  17. shakadave

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    This is all moot I'm sure, but Fitzgerald would be worth giving up our whole draft for. (Keeping our compensatory picks, say)
  18. pats63

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    This would be great move for us...Real dumb move for Az...

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