Wrong Borges: Rumor Monger and Garbage reporter

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    I am getting so sick of Wrong Borges. I am not sure if anyone caught this, but on Monday, when he wrote the article about the "fan" who wanted a ton of things for the Flutie Drop-Kick ball, Borges also included a little blurb about the contract negotiations.


    In it, he made it sound like real progress had been made and that there was a good possibility that the CBA would be exteded by March 3 and that we could see free agency pushed back a week to give the League and the NFLPA a chance to finalize everything.

    Now, today, he has to contradict himself.

    I'm sorry, but its obvious that Borges got played.
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    Let me just add that there is a bold-faced lie in his article as well:

    Its a bold-faced lie to say that the Patriots aren't spending money on their players. The fact of the matter is that the Patriots payroll actually topped $100 million because of signing bonuses. And the Patriots salary cap number was NOT 85 million. It was less than that because of MLTBE bonuses earned in 2005. And for them to ignore that is downright dishonest.
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    I am developing a site to exploit all of his hacks. It is a work in progress, but within a few weeks it should be up to par with a decent amount of content. I have been working on it for a couple of weeks nearly non stop. The majority of that time has been spent getting familiar with Dreamweaver.
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    I also think its pathetic that the only thing that Gene Upshaw learned from the NHL strike is this :
    Is he insane? If he takes that attitude into negotiations, then the league is doomed and he is a moron.

    The salary cap accounted for 2.736 BILLION dollars (out of a potential 4.24 billion) Divide that by 2080 (65 players per team - 53 regular - 8 practice squad - 4 ir per team) and you still have an AVERAGE salary of 1.32 million. Yet, that's not enough for them?

    The Players should not get 64% of the GROSS. That BS. They are not the owners of the league. They are employees. And its amazing that they don't realize this. Also, while Upshaw is throwing around revenue numbers, I suggest he stfu and remember that there are 100's of support staff that a team has to account for. And that money comes out of the revenues that aren't included in the salary cap.

    I think that Upshaw is a fool if he thinks that the players are the ones who are in a position of power in these negotiations.
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    First, how can anyone believe what that POS Borges writes anymore.

    In regards to total revenues and the "poor" teams. Why can't they get off their asses and start marketing programs to increase their revenues? Also, what about debt service? Kraft built that stadium with private money. Most of the others get their stadiums built with taxpayers money.

    If Kraft is financing his own stadium, doesn't make sense to deduct the cost of paying the debt from total revenues?

    I'm not crying for Bob Kraft but the big picture has to be looked at.
  6. shatch62

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    Upshaw said or Borges said???

    Per the article:
    Upshaw claimed high-revenue owners such as Bob Kraft and the Cowboys' Jerry Jones have repeatedly taken advantage of the present system because ''they're not spending on the players. They're not spending to the cap. They're spending on everything else."

    Did Upshaw or Borges single out Jones and Kraft? Upshaws quote stated "they're not spending" but who is the they? Maybe Upshaw said the following:

    "high-revenue owners have repeatedly taken advantage of the present system because they're not spending on the players. They're not spending to the cap. They're spending on everything else."

    Borges only quotes the last part of the statement. Why not quote Upshaw when he singled out Kraft and Jones? Maybe Upshaw singled them out...maybe Borges did by adding them to the sentence as "example" of the high-revenue teams.
  7. DaBruinz

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    Shatch -
    If you read the ESPN article on what Upshaw said and then compare the information to what Borges said, there is a direct swipe taken at least at Jerry Jones and the Cowboys.


    I feel that Upshaw is being disingenuous regarding the salaries, though. Even though the salaries are not at the cap level ( No team has salaries there), he is PURPOSELY leaving out signing bonuses and LTBE bonues. The Patriots shelled out over $21 million in bonuses this year to its players. Yes, that's right. The team that only had $79 million in salaries, shelled out another 26.5% in bonus money. The Patriots were right at the cap. And for anyone, Borges or Upshaw, to be posturing like the Patriots aren't spending money is just a bold-faced lie.
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    Welcome to the world of union-management negotiations and the associated disinformation. The more you know personally about a field the more you'll disrespect the alleged 'journalists' who report on the so-called facts and events. I'm a science guy and have noticed this for decades. Disclaimer - there are always a few reporters who do a good job and are competent, but sadly, they're a minority.
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    very true.........
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    This is OT, but how is Dreamweaver? I was considering getting it myself.

    Borges stinks

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