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WR versus LB

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by AzPatsFan, Apr 18, 2006.

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    I was looking at the next level scouting report and something jumped out at me from the Ohio State pro day report.

    http://www.nextlevelscoutinginc.com/...ew&id=13&Itemi d=28

    Santonio Holmes was judged the only first round WR until Jackson's workout warrior efforts, at the combine awed the stopwatch scouts, and he too became a first round candidate.

    No, I would not infer that Carpenter's attitude ruined him from the report.

    Did you look at what Carpenter ran the short shuttle and 3 cone in AS COMPARED to Santonio Holmes the WR? Holmes ran a 4.22 versus Carps 4.28 and a 3 cone at 6.82 versus Carp's 6.80.

    IOW, the big, heavy, presumed clumsy, presumed unathletic LB, out coned and just about matched the short shuttle of the presumed speedy gazelle WR! Now either the gazelle is highly OVERATED, or Carpenter's athleticism is highly UNDERATED.

    Which is it?

    Another significant stat from the OSU pro day. Anthony Schlegel ran a 4.72 at 6' 0" and a half, 250#. He is widely acepted a hard working, intuitive, play caller and play diagnostician, as an ILB. He hits like a truck and is very smart.

    He was downgraded as being only a two down run stuffer who ran a 5.0 forty. He vaults up in the ILB standings in my opinion. Compare him to Alabama's Fred Roach with his 8 on the Wonderlic for example, whose 4.75 forty elevated him supposedly into the fourth/fifth round by scouts. Some of those same scouts had Schlegel as a FA due to lack of speed...
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    #12 Jersey

    what happened to all of the previous threads on this topic?
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