Would you drop one of our FA WR pickups for another year of Troy Brown?

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  1. PATRIOT64

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    If you had no more room on the team and you had no choice but to either let Troy Brown go this year because of not enough roster spots or to keep him and let one of our other WRs go sign elsewhere what would you do and who would you let go?.

    This of course is the situation where all of the receivers(Washington,Caldwell,Gaffney,Jackson?) including Brown are invited to TC and all have an outstanding injury free camp and going into early fall comes decision time...Besides Stallworth and Welker which are locks you can only have at best 6 WRs for the team - 4 spots are now left after the 2 locks at the position.

    What would you do?..Answer Not with your heart but with your Brain...Lets just make believe its you as BB sitting in his office making this choice.

    Would you drop one of the younger guys for another year with Troy on the team-If all performed well including Troy?

    It would be a tough choice for me but I would have to wish Troy well and move on - We did with Ty and Lawyer and Deion..We can survive I think if we let Troy go,possibly to another team only because of no room and younger blood in our best interests.

    What would be your move if you were BB for this tough decision day situation?
  2. Patjew

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    No. But it would really hurt and I'd try to squeeze him in anywhere I could.
  3. Mix

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    I wouldn't but like Patjew I'd try to find a spot for him somewhere on the roster.
  4. taltos

    taltos Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    If Jackson showed as much in training camp this year as he did last year, I would IR him and keep Troy who has shown that he knows the offense and for the most part can stay healthy. The only reason that I would IR Jackson is that the cap hit would be too severe to release him. Another Florida bust at WR. Many years ago a coach (might have been Lombardi) said that you can't make the team from the trainer's room.
  5. zoostation

    zoostation In the Starting Line-Up

    Troy has to earn a spot...and I believe once he recovers from surgery he will.
  6. TomBrady'sGoat

    TomBrady'sGoat 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    you bring Troy to camp and if he wins the camp competition you keep him. Washington can be cut with minimal impact, and Gafney/Caldwell only have one year left anyway. You choose between one year of them or one year of Troy.
  7. patsgo

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    no one earns a spot for life, hes been one hell of a player but if the ones in front of him are faster, and quicker, then they should stay, sorry thats life, as in every day life there are no lifetime jobs, bb has made the tough calls on law. milloy, adam, willie, etc, thats why we remain competitive every year there cant be exceptions, once we start we will soon fall back to the back
  8. Isaac

    Isaac Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Your scenario doesn't give us enough information, because it won't be a 7-way tie in training camp without injuries--I'm sure BB and Troy aren't making such assumptions. This would be a competition, one that Troy has an excellent shot at winning. This vision of BB sitting in his office thinking "Wow, these guys would all make the team equally better, whoever do I keep?!?" is a bit silly.

    If Troy is one of the six "best" healthy WRs, he stays. "Best" meaning making the team better. I know Gaffney and Washington can play the slot, but can they play it better than Troy?!? If Troy is the 2nd-best slot receiver (nevermind special teams and defense), and we all know how BB feels about converting 3rd and short, that's major value for the team, particularly as a backup to Welker.

    If Troy isn't one of the six "best", he goes. I can't see BB keeping Troy after he gets beat out in camp. I also can't see him keeping a lesser player because they are younger--such decisions would not be in the best interest of the team.

    I realize that sometimes the team does want to keep a lesser, younger player for their potential, but this would only apply to Jackson at this point. If Gaffney, Caldwell, or Washington can't beat out Troy Brown, BB will just find someone else next year.
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  9. marty

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    IMO what tips the scales in winning the job for Troy is his "quiet" leadership, experience/football instincts, and abilities to play in whatever scheme the coach's cook up. His example to teammates, especially the rookies, is hard to measure but I'm sure it's highly valued by BB. To the OP's question I'd choose to wait on a developmental player, be it a lineman, DB, WR, or punter, whatever, and have Troy on the team.
  10. BelichickFan

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    Depends how they look. If they all look great to the point that it's tough to even pick who should sit on the bench, we'd probably have to move on. If Jackson and Washongton look like Donald Hayes then that makes it easier.
  11. fair catch fryar

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    That would be a gut-wrenching decision if you consider how "Patriot-like" Troy Brown carries himself on and off the field. If he wins a spot in TC, so be it, but like they did with Big Willie last year(one of my favorite players of all time) I guess you have to make the decision that makes you the most competitive at that time. That being said, I am optimistic that come September, TB will be running routes at the Razor!
  12. Mainefan

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    This isn't an either or decision.

    If Troy gets beat out in camp--and that might happen--the Patriots should immediately offer him assistant coaching or front office job. If there's no spot for him, make one.
  13. PatsWickedPissah

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    Or, we could cut an unproductive draft pick at WR to keep Troy. It's an option.
  14. JoeSixPat

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    Yes - it might come down to that - though I'd think that a 5th or 6th WR cut even though they have potential is a good candidate for practice squad without too much fear of being snatched up elsewhere
  15. fgssand

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    Assuming he gets healthy and has a decent camp it is a no brainer for him to stay. I also assume, although I am not certain this is true, that he will accept playing for Vet Min (as I already pointed out, per Reiss's mailbag comment, he may feel his worth to the team is more than Vet Min.)

    If he does get beat out, than some sort of offer or gesture must be made to him as a coach or good will ambassador working for the team.

    Troy Brown is different guys. He is the heart & soul of the team. Troy Brown is T-E-A-M. Locker room morale would take a very heavy blow if indeed he is just coldly cast off with no emotion or recognition.
  16. mgteich

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    I agree.

  17. Va_Pats_Fan

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    he could play for about 800K or so as I read it. As a vet, he would only count the min against the cap.

    Another wildcard in this is that Troy has, and will play DB if necessary, and play it reasonably well. Can this be said of Gaffeny or Washington if it comes down to a choice?
  18. frankiesfly

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    Defenitley not. I love Troy but i wouldn't give up one of our FA pick ups for him.
  19. MoLewisrocks

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    If all of the WR's perform equally well as WR in camp, the decision on who sticks on the roster in a 5th or 6th spot will come down to versatility. Troy wins that competition hands down because of his value on ST or as a DB.

    It's highly likely Jackson isn't in that mix in TC, and with the others already on the roster it makes no sense to push him to be. Therefore he is an excellent candidate to start the season on PUP. So that really leaves it at 6 competing for 5-6 slots (with the 5th or 6th needing to show more than backup WR capability) and Childress/Kight optionally on the PS or shadow roster.

    If the 3 guys they picked up this off season as FA WR's all work out, they will pose at least as much of a threat to Caldwell and Gaffney as they would to Troy. While they are younger than Troy, they lack versatility. They are not signed beyond this season and both already make more than veteran minimum.

    For the record, while Troy's salary for the last two years has been a veteran minimum one, his bonus in each season ($30K in 2005 and $350K in 2006) did not allow for his salary to be counted against the cap as veteran minimum exemptions. Given our cap position this season I don't think cap hit will be a concern either. It will come down to whether BB believes he can compete for a roster spot. And if he will he likely bumps someone else whose current cap hit covers all or most of his potential cap hit.

    I believe any other suitor would be reluctant to sign him for anything other than a veteran minimum deal this season though due to both his age and the fact he's rehabbing an injury. His value to other teams is basically limited to veteran leadership and 4th or 5th WR. Familiarity with the staff, system and teamates allowed him to build value here that he couldn't provide to a new staff, system and teamates due to the time it would take just to assimilate into the offense. So talk of playing elsewhere is just the it's a business dance he a Belioli will do until they get down to talking deal.
  20. Kdo5

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    If I would want to cut anyone one for Troy it'd be Washington.

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