would the Pats have signed Sauerbrun if they had Gramatica

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    Do you think the Pats would have signed Todd Sauerbrun (apology if his name is not spelled correctly) if they had Martin Gramatica as their kicker?

    After all, these guys have a bad blood history that goes years back.

    I know that Sauerbrun was signed out of necessity, but at the risk of creating drama in the locker room?
  2. Lockdown06

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    well we cut grammatica a loong time ago, so really i dont think we need to speculate - everything kind of worked itself out.
  3. satz

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    Yes definitely as todd is a punter and gramatica is a kicker.They play different positions.
  4. wdkantro2

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    I don't understand why the kicker would matter in terms of signing a punter or not...
  5. edzo44

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    Perhaps because the Pats have a history of using the Punter as the holder for the Kicker? Miller and Walters . (Though they didn't use Sauerbrun the same way) :rolleyes:
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  6. patsgo

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    Man if that is all you have to post id suggest taking along break and maybe seeind a shrink!

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