Would the 3-4 be the best D to stop Run DMc?

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  1. patriotscpfc

    patriotscpfc Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Watching McFadden tear apart defenses over the last few games and for bits of last season, it's obvious he's going to be the main threat this Sunday, does returning to our good old base 3-4 allow us to completely shut it down and force Campbell (who isn't in the quality of Fitzy, Rivers, Henne) (maybe) to beat a healthy Secondary with the reinforcements of Ras-I and hopefully Chung.

    Would a D-Line of Ellis and Vince at DE, Love at NT with Ninkovich and Carter/Cunningham (run-stopping in Jermaine's case) at OLB, and Mayo and Spikes at ILB, be able to stop McFadden and still get pressure on Campbell should he pass.
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  2. WhiZa

    WhiZa Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    I never like the 3-4 against the run since it's basically 3v5 in the trenches and it feels more like a contain defense then a pressure defense. I think the Pats will be just fine with their 4-3 look while trying to keep up with the speedy receivers on the outside. It may come down to how well the safeties play, covering over the top and in the box, unfortunately.


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    I don't know about the 3-4 but if the defense does this.....


    They might stop McF
  4. sbpatfan

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    I got run DMC on my fantasy team, I am looking forward to watching him carry Sergio Brown 10 yards into the endzone.
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  5. BadMoFo

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    I don't know, maybe you should ask an NFL defensive line coach or someone who has played professional football instead of a bunch of losers on a football message board who only know how to ***** and moan. No offense anyone.
  6. BlueThunder

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    B!TCH & MOAN

    no offense taken :p
  7. hovis

    hovis On the Game Day Roster

    The scheme doesn't matter as much as the personnel.

    For some odd reason, I think the Pats will do well against McFadden. With Mayo patrolling the weak side, Chung on the strong side, and Wilfork and hopefully Haynesworth in the middle; McFadden will have a tough time.

    The Pats will force Campbell to throw. He will. Once again, the Pats'll get smoked ydg-wise. But, TFB vs JFC? That's an easy one.
  8. VJCPatriot

    VJCPatriot Pro Bowl Player

    Pats run D hasn't been a big worry. I don't think 3-4 helps much because of the personnel that we have. Personally, I think I'd like to see more of Fletcher out there. He seems to do good things when he gets snaps on defense. I'd also like to see Haynesworth play well on Sunday. If he is on, it's gonna be real tough running against Vince + Albert.
  9. Patspsycho

    Patspsycho Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    I think Fletcher will be used to spy on McFadden.
  10. As long as Gary Guyton, and his cool looking ankle things don't get on the field ..... we should be in good shape:cool:
  11. patsfan-1982

    patsfan-1982 In the Starting Line-Up

    even if McFadden gets over 150 yerds that will still only get oakland about 17 points not a nuff to beat Brady im looking for them to come out throwing the ball im not really worried about the run
  12. Finn McCool

    Finn McCool Rookie

    There are only two players that should scare the Patriots... Run DMC and the rookie Denarius Moore. If the Patriots put 8 men in the box and call for run blitz's 60% of the time they will demolish the Raiders. Jason Campbell would rather throw the ball away than get hit.
  13. supafly

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    I know that you're likely half-joking, but for all of the negativity that Guyton gets on this forum, he has been playing just fine. Actually, Guyton has been one of the brighter spots in his role playing reps--at least in my opinion.

    He may not be the most effective at setting the edge, but he has quickness, awareness, veteran presence, and coverage skills that we need here. I know that he's let us down in some areas before, but I believe that the 2nd half of last yr + this yr particularly, he has continued to improve.

    Are there any major plays that stick out to you that I am overlooking? As I admittedly have not been able to re-watch the tapes several times like some here. But on first glance, it seems to me as if Guyton is continuing to progress when playing his limited role in sub packages.
  14. Raider9175

    Raider9175 Practice Squad Player

    I hope but I wouldn't expect that because Bill Bellichik not dumb. You do what you say your going to get destroyed in the passing game. Your Best Cb not staying with Jacoby Ford . Chaz schilens 6'4 225 is too big and fast for your dbs and daren Hagan is going to trouble also. D moore going to be a nighmare for your cbs

    Thats not counting Kevin Boss at TE. Taiwan jones at RB(sooner or later Raiders are going to utilize his explosiveness .( Raiders used this pick from patriots trade- Thanks0

    BTW Jets tried that too to load up on run. Raiders went so fast down the field for a score with the pass. Never knew what hit them.
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