would it be better if the owners win the April 6th hearing???

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    All along i was hoping the players win the lawsuit to block the lockout and we can get back to talking football draft and fA.... But now im thinking if the owners win, it will bring the players back to the bargining table... if the players win the owners will file a appeal, then it continues to drag on... All i want is for this to end as quickly as possible... im all for the players but they are starting to act like a horse's butt , how bout in the next 3 weeks, your close get together and sit down before you get anymore fan backlash... Save face in march not in sept....
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    And if the players were to lose on April 6th, why would they not appeal as you project the owners would appeal if they lose on April 6th.

    This dispute will dual track in the courts and in off the record negoatiations for a while. And how are the players acting like horses asses; they are seeking the best deal that they can get using what leverage they have --- the NFL as currently configured has massive anti-trust problems if there is no union.
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