Worthless change to the draft process

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  1. stumeister

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    "Worthless" you guys are to harsh!

    It is definitely useless, stupid and will obviously be ego driven. I hope someone greases the audio techs and they mess up and play some dumb song like something from Mary Poppins or the Wizard of OZ.
  2. Rob0729

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    But it may be the excuse when it is in May again next year.

    From SI.com:


    So according to SI, they moved it to give teams more time with the draft process and according to Bob McGinn, they are pushing it back even further into May in 2015.

    If the NFL wanted the draft in April of this year, it would have been in April. They want it in May.
  3. KontradictioN

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    That wouldn't be funny at all. "Slob on my Knob" by Juicy J would be very funny.
  4. borg

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    At least we'll know what music to play during the highlight footage of their future arrests. Always like to put a song with the mugshot.
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  5. Patsrock

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    I don't care that it is pushed back, I won't even be watching it anyways with Bruins playing tonight. I personally don't care when it is held. April, May whatever. I am just pointing out that it is not easy just to tell someone to cancel their event they already booked. And why would Radio City Music Hall go along with the NFL and saying there is an event if there wasn't an event. Radio City Music Hall doesn't need the NFL or to lie about an event there during the usual NFL draft dates.
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  6. AndyJohnson

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    Its New York, there are many places they could go.
  7. fnordcircle

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    I literally want to punch the old grandpas in this thread complaining about theme music in their weird, dangling scrotums.

    Shut up, it's not like they're going to pause for his music, the draft clock will keep ticking and you'll hear it in the background while Kiper or Mayock blather on over it.
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  8. chasa

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    $5 says Manziel comes out to wreckingball by miley cyrus.
  9. Sicilian

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    Their choice of music is irrelevant to me. I want the rookies to be beaten down and humbled so they shut up, work hard, and EARN respect in the NFL. I don't want a bunch of primadonnas, swaggering their way onto the stage like they're the chief wookie, to a pump up song that they "earned" by being the biggest dog in a pit full of puppies.
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  10. SB39

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    How dare you bring sound logic and reasoning into any conversation where people are dead set on bashing Goodell and the League!!! Begone with you!! Take your foul ideas and intelligent insights elsewhere!
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  11. SB39

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    Let's see.... you hate the commissioner, you hate the players, and you think the games are fixed.

    So please tell me...... why exactly is it that you are here?
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  12. Bill Lee

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    ... would have been appropriate when the Colts drafted John Elway or when the Chargers took Eli Manning!

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    LOL I guess I'm the only one looking forward to this. Hope someone chooses Ace of Base - I saw the sign or Olivia Newton John - Let's get Physical
  14. PatsWickedPissah

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    Physical threats to the elderly are now classified as hate crimes.
    I kid you not!

    Man, that would hurt.
  15. stumeister

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    Would that be accompanied by the NFL proverbial wardrobe malfunction? LOL
  16. Joker

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    You throw down on me FNord and you better have Delta Dental. I love you popcorn gangstas running your mouths like it's free.YOU stick to your opinions and I'll stick to mine. You haven't drawn breath long enough in your life to threaten me.
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  17. Joker

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    SB39, you're another bigmouthed punk with yap disease. You keep your head buried up Goodell's chocolata and stay the F away from me.
  18. PatsWickedPissah

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    I'm hoping for a draft pick to choose Enya. We know that we'll have an NFL "first".
  19. Tunescribe

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    Same here. I'll check the picks before going to bed. Watching the Bruins tonight. Goodell can move the damn draft to July 4 via pay per view for all I care.
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  20. Bill Lee

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    You'll probably love the fact that everyone can see the picks on Twitter 30 seconds to 2 minutes before they show up on TV! :D Most of the time the TV is in commercial break, so WTF do they expect any serios fan to be doing? :(

    PS: Sorry I didn't get to chat with you on Cruise to the Edge, you seemed pretty busy! :)
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