Wo Where Are We Now: Draft Direction?

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by manxman2601, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. manxman2601

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    I admit to being a little confused with the general off-season direction BB has taken this year. I'm not saying I'm unhappy with it - we'll be able to field a very good team next year - it's just that I don't see much in the way of strategic forward planning. We came into this off-season with CB, DT, S and WR as pretty big needs and we'll likely be going in to next year with those same needs considering the ageing players and one year contracts we've handed out.

    So in light of the Kelly, Edelman and probable Sanders signings, where are we in terms of this draft?

    1. Leaving aside the two seventh rounders, we only have two draft picks. Yes trade backs or a Mallett trade would change that, but BB is giving up draft picks to sign players to one year contracts. It doesn't appear that he's placing much value on those draft picks right now.

    2. In the last day, we've effectively double-dipped at the WR position. Whilst I don't think we've ruled ourselves out of drafting a WR, I don't think we'll be double dipping anymore. So what type of WR are we looking at. Sanders strikes me as very similar to the Wheaton/Swope/Boyce type receivers so I wonder whether they're still on the cards. And I find it interesting that the Edelman/Sanders business comes the day after Keenan Allen ran a 4.70 thus pretty much guaranteeing he falls to us in the 1st. He'd certainly offer us that size receiver that we don't have.

    3. OG and pass rusher are looking like very strong possibilities - they're both possible needs that haven't been directly addressed yet. Neither are absolutely essential (we can get by) but drafting at both positions would improve us, certainly in the long-term. Justin Pugh/Corey Lemonier perhaps?

    4. For the last two years, BB has looked at the coverage LB position in his pre-draft contacts. Last year it was Lavonte David, this year Alec Ogletree, Kiko Alonso and some others. With so few absolute needs, could this be the year?

    5. Only two draft picks and so few immediate must have needs, could this be the year that we grab a couple of upside luxury type prospects in the draft? How about one or both of Tyrann Mathieu/Marcus Lattimore?

    This draft for the Patriots wan't all that easy to pin down initially. Now it's next to impossible.

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  2. p8ryts

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    looking at the depth charts there are two areas that could use an upgrade. backup linebacker lists Rivera and Tarpinian. Backup OL shows, Cannon, McDonald and Zuseviks.

    Granted Ninko and Fletcher could play outside still leaving a MLB needed for passing downs. Maybe Adrian Wilson can take that spot.

    Rivera and Tarpinian cannot do the job effectively, we have seen that. Cannon and McDonald have played effectively.

    I still say trade down out of the first round.

    I still like my draft of
    2 Chris Harper WR
    2 Jordan Poyer CB
    3Devin Taylor DL
    4Vance McDonald TE
    7 Ryan Griffin QB
    Had some other low rounders I liked but don't recall them off the top
  3. Sciz

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    Trade down, load up on value on the second day.

    If the Pats get Sanders, then I think they're good as far as starting players, and the biggest thing that would get between them and a Super Bowl is lack of depth to replace injured starters. Can't be having players like Branch, Cole, Francis, and Ho-oh/Fells getting significant snaps in the biggest game of the season.

    If they can turn 29 and 59 into four total picks in the second and third rounds and get some young talent (especially at CB, DE, and OL), then I'd be perfectly happy even if they don't get a single instant starter from the draft class.
  4. With Bill looking ahead I can see CB being the only glaring need really for this team, but for next year. (Of course they could use interior o-lineman, a LDE, a DT, a developmental WR, etc)

    Talib signed a 1 year deal. If he plays like we expect him too, I could easily see him pricing himself out of New England, If he doesn't do well or is injured or worse he probably isn't the answer as their number 1 corner going into 2014-2015.

    It doesn't look like next years FA's will be that "deep" either. So... with that being said, I could see a Corner being drafted in hopes of him being our #1 guy next year, as I don't think Bill would want to force in a rookie starter if he didn't necessarily HAVE to (he would probably see ++ playing time this year anyway).

    I'd rather not see yet ANOTHER db drafted high, but it looks to me that it is inevitable.
  5. jsull87

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    As far as coverage LB I just can't see this being a pats priority other than the 7th. In the 1st 2 rounds pats look for guys who can contribute on all 4 downs. A coverage lb just isn't going to contribute for us in 1st and even 2nd down.

    I like the idea of someone like Allen if he slips. I also like the idea of trading down and picking a couple of depth + players at somewhere like DE, DT and OG to really keep replenishing our Lines.

    But i am also of the opinion that we have a playoff caliber team already so these 2 draft picks for me are just gravy atm if Sanders signs.

    Geez wouldn't a Ryan Mallet trade have us all flabbergasted seeing as most of our plans for this FA offseaosn have come together in one way or another. DLine help: Armstead and Kelly, Saftey: Wilson, WR: Sanders, Edelma, Jones, Amendola CB: Talib, Arrington, Cole OT: Vollmer Svitek.

    All that was missing was a DE like Abraham and a Trade for mallet and we'd be living the off season dream (bar the welker loss).
  6. BelichickFan

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    The "General Direction" that you ask about is to fill all the holes - even if short term - so we can draft who we want and aren't forced to so something. As much as I'd love all long term deals there will be place fillers next year too.

    Some directions we could go in the draft :

    Center or Guard. We could consider a stud upgrade over Connlly or a Center as Wemdell is a UFA after this year.

    DL. Either a DE complement to Chandler or a nice beefy long term DT could work.

    MLB. Spikes is a UFA after the year.

    CB. Talib is a UFA after the year. And as solid as Dennard was last year we really need to see him for a full year to see if he's really solid or just not awful.

    S. Depending how they feel about Wilson, a big time Safety compliment to McCourtey (assuming he stays at Safety) could happen.

    I assumed we get Sanders at WR; if not obviously that's a big time need.

    The point is, if we get Sanders we've plugged every obvious hole so now we can pick the best long term guy at one of about 4-5 possible spots.

    BTW I heard an interview with Justin Pugh on the radio today; OG isn't our biggest need but that's a guy I wouldn't mind having on this team. Very impressive.
  7. VrabelJr

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    I think we trade back at least once. First two picks will go to defense in a combination of DT, CB and LB depending on value. Late round pick(s) will be used on OL.
  8. ctpatsfan77

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    I understand the concept, but I just don't see them drafting an OL that early at this point, even if he does offer the most value.
  9. manxman2601

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    Firstly, I agree with you about Pugh. Would be a good player to have long-term at LG.

    Secondly, the problem as I see it is that we've only plugged holes for one year. Unless Dowling steps up, we'll need to find a starting CB. We'll need a starting WR, we might still have a hole at LDE, Adrian Wilson and Tommy Kelly will be a year older, we'll need to do something about Spikes and 3/5 of our OL is decidedly injury prone.

    Yes we might trade down, have a great four picks and everything will be alright with the world but that leaves us dependent on almost all the picks hitting which is never a guarantee.

    I'm not really criticising - I like how this team looks right now and there's still good young talent there but I do worry that there's not a lot of long-term planning going on which might start giving more serious problems in two or three years.
  10. Blackluck

    Blackluck Practice Squad Player

    CB and receiver depth this year and starters next year are going to be issues; next year DL and OL. I would think BPA at those positions (according to the Pat's board, anyway) are where we look. Unless someone unexpectedly falls, I see us going CB with our first pick, then either OL or WR with the second. Personally, unless Carradine is there at 29 (I think he's going to be gone), I would take a WR (Allen, Hopkins, Wheaton, maybe Hunter) and then our requisite DB bust* with the 2nd. A cover LB might be possible, I would guess S. Moore, but that's unlikely.

    There will probably be four teams looking for QB in the second looking to move back up to the 1st (Browns, Jags, Bills, Jets, maybe Cards) so trading down should be possible (getting a 3 might be too rich for a trade with one of those teams, so a 4th and 6th maybe?) Depending on how the draft falls, a Mallett trade might still be done but I think that's unlikely.

    *Yes, I'm bitter over all the DB picks we've taken yet have so little to show for it.
  11. BelichickFan

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    Agreed - just saying he sounded like a great, great guy someone I'd love to root for as a Patriot. We certainly have bigger needs.
  12. DH523

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    I can see New England going value in Round 1 if somebody unforeseen drops (ala Dont'a Hightower in last year's draft) or trading down to the early 2nd Round.

    My gut feeling is they try to target DE/OLB in Rounds 3-5 if they get some picks. A lot of 2 Way guys are clustered in that area projection wise. Also may wait until 4th-6th Round area to target an ILB if they see anybody they like.

    Where I could see them going in the first 2 Rounds depending on value. Not necessarily in order...
    - CB (Lot of possibilities including Taylor, Johnthan Banks, David Amerson, and Hayden)
    - WR (Lot of possibilities including Patton, Justin Hunter, Markus Wheaton, and Aaron Dobson)
    - OG (Larry Warford is an intriguing guy as is Brian Winters)
    - DT (Jesse Williams, Kawann Short, John Jenkins, and Akeem Spence could be possibilities)
  13. Blackluck

    Blackluck Practice Squad Player

    For DT, add Akeem Spence, ILL. Here's a blurb from NFP:

  14. captain stone

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    You had me until your #5, unless you meant them taken in the 7th round.
  15. belichick010405

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    Manx - I am not surprised in the least by what is going on because I have been following the Pats and their off-seasons for far too long.

    They are probably going to trade down but I would not put it past them to stand pat and take their picks at rounds 1 and 2.

    They are going to draft a 4th linebacker (I like Arthur Brown at pick 29 if he is there) and they will draft the BPA at round 2 unless they trade down from there.

    Now that Dennard is not missing any playing time (for all intensive purposes, he has a suspended sentence) and that Edelman with Sanders hopefully in tow, they are in a pretty good spot with both of those positions although I think that cornerback is a likely spot to come into play in the 2nd round in case Dowling is still made of glass.

    The Pats have done a remarkable job this year knowing that the free agency season was going to be extremely important to the formation of its roster.

    My guess is that they will try and mitigate some of their one year or expiring deals (i.e. Talib and Spikes) by trading down in the draft and get some personnel security in volume.

    What is funny is that the team is going to have to do the same work as it did this off-season because of the number of 1 year deals.

  16. ctpatsfan77

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    The part of me who's been paid to edit writing in the past notes that this is supposed to be "for all intents and purposes."

    This isn't as fingernails-on-chalkboard-bad for me, though, as, "would of" instead of "would've." :)
  17. belichick010405

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    :) LOL, well done....Common usage of course.....
  18. mgteich

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    Bringing back last year's secondary might not be as bad as last year, or it might. I think that we need a corner. Obviously, we also need a DE and a WR.

    ESPN's Stats & Info department then adds this fact: "Only the Jets faced more passes thrown more than 20 yards downfield than the Patriots did in 2012. New England allowed a 41.7 completion percentage on those throws (NFL average: 33.9), and was one of three teams to allow double-digit touchdowns on deep throws."
  19. BelichickFan

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    I'd like to see those numbers after the bye when every player changed position except Gregory (McCourtey to S, Talib to CB, Dennard to Outside CB, Arrington to Slot CB).

    That said we definitely need another CB. As we can't rely on Dowling to be healthy, an injury to Talib or Dennard and we're screwed. As we found out in the AFCCG. Get a talented rookie and we have depth without Dowling. And if we get the rookie and Dowling happens to stay healthy . . . :rocker:
  20. patsinthesnow

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    Trade down, grab either 2 WRs and 1 CB or 2 CBs and 1 WR. We need to be four outside CB deep so Arrington will never see the outside again and can focus solely on slot.

    Amerson? (2nd)
    Mathieu? (3rd) (backup slot CB if he falls to 91, still hesitant on taking a backup slot CB that has questionable character/coverage skills there but his playmaking skills are all pro)

    Sanders (3rd-trade)
    Allen? (2nd)

    If Allen falls to the mid 2nd, I'd love to have him. Same with Hunter as a risky pick. Wheaton seems like he'd be a solid WR too.

    What to do with our other minor needs:

    OG/C-Matt Slauson just signed for 1 year 850k. Backup G/Cs can be had cheap. Not worth spending a 1st-3rd on.

    DT-It's full. Wilfork, Kelly, Love, Deaderick. A DT that's a difference maker is hard to come by outside the top 25 anyway. Not worth spending a 1st-3rd on.

    DE-I'm fine with Ninkovich as a starter, I know many aren't. Jones, Ninkovich, Armstead, Francis, Cunningham, Bequette. Not worth spending a 1st-3rd on unless someone really fell.

    coverage LB-Not worth spending a 1st-3rd; some from other teams will be cut during training camp. A healthy Fletcher will play this role too.

    OT-Solder, Vollmer, Cannon, Zusevics/Svitek. The starters and young backups are locked in, this is all set.

    S-Mccourty, A. Wilson, Gregory, T. Wilson, Ebner. I'm fine with this crew.

    QB, RB, TE,-Maybe if Lattimore fell quite a ways, same with Barkley, otherwise, hell no.

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