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WND's poll on Obama Christmas Present...

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by DarrylS, Dec 22, 2009.

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    the far right once again rears its ugly head, and after 5200+ votes this is what they came up with for a christmas present in their extremely scientific, unbiased poll..

    I would have gotten it directly from the source of WND, but cannot get it unless I register with my email.. last thing I want is a bunch of emails from that half baked crew... Tea Partiers???

    If you want to give a gift to WND, they are still accepting donations to Joe Farah so he can continue his Nirf certifikit truffers endeavors, Orly Taitz needs some money.

    Guess a practical gift like the economy to rebound is out of the question, the right wants failure.. even though they will be effected by failure..

    Think Progress World Net Daily poll on what to get Obama for Christmas: an ‘arrest warrant’ and a ‘ticket back to Kenya.’

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