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    A new lottery in the U.K. offering contestants the chance to “win a baby” through expensive in-vitro fertilization treatments is causing a stir.

    The sweepstakes, run by the fertility charity, To Hatch, and set to launch this month, is drawing criticism by some ethical and medical groups who say it is “demeaning,” Reuters reports.

    For $32 a ticket, winners can win $25,000 of personalized fertility treatments at one of Great Britain's top five facilities. Individuals and couples, straight, gay or elderly are eligible for this prize.

    Also included in this prize is a stay at a luxury hotel, and a chauffeur-driven ride to the treatment facility. They also will be given the option of reproductive surgery, donor eggs and sperm or a surrogate birth if the standard IVF fails.

    Read more: Lottery to Win a Baby Sparks Controversy in Britain - FoxNews.com

    I wonder if one has to get checked against a sex-registery list or something before buying a ticket.

    Seems rife with icky possibilities to me. I understand the sentiment involved, and I can even applaud it to some extent, but unless they have a damn good screening process in place before letting people buy tickets I can forsee all sorts of bad outcomes.

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