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Willis, Griffin, and other thoughts

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by biffman, Apr 27, 2007.

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    1. I was watching the NFL network last night and they had a profile of Patrick Willis. This guy is incredible. He and his 3 younger siblings were taken from his parents (by DSS) when he was in high school. A coach from his high school took them all in and raised them. A few years later, his little brother drowned when swimming in a lake. Through it all, he was the rock of that family and set a great example for his siblings. I was really impressed with this kid and his character.

    We all know he is a phenomenal talent, but I was more impressed with him AS A PERSON after seeing that story. I know the Patriots have very little chance of getting him, but I would do back flips if they traded up to get him. He will be a success no matter what he does, IMO.

    2. There was a similar story about a guy from Florida International. I believe his last name is Barnes. Same kind of mentally tough, high character kid who showed he can handle tough situations. This is the kind of guy who could turn out to be a diamond in the rough later in the draft.

    3. I keep seeing drafts with Griffin going 22nd to Dallas. I’m wondering if he will even be there when the Patriots pick at number 24.

    4. I saw a draft with Revis going to the Patriots at 24. I don’t see any way he drops that far, but if he were still available in the 17-20 range, I would love to see them move up to get him. If they got him at 24, I would be shocked (and extremely happy).
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