Will Welker handle the kickoffs and punt return duties?

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    As I was preparing for my fantasy draft, I got to thinking who would be handling those duties for the patriots. LAst year Welker saved my butt in fantasy because of his returning abilities and thought he may be a steal in the later rounds since I think he is going to catch a ton of balls and add in the return numbers and he becomes a gem. What are your thoughts?
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    He'll definitely handle punts.

    Kickoff returns seem to be up in the air at this point. I expect he'll share duties there. Hobbs and Maroney are clearly the best KRs on the roster but I'd expect neither to do it except for very important returns.
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    unfortunately for you Welker will not have any value as a kickoff return man this year. Even if he was the only returner, he would only be receiving one kickoff a game (opening kickoff or second half kickoff) as our defense is primed for 16 shutouts :)

    no, really, this is a good question and one that I have been thinking about as well. I would take the chance that he does see action as a kickoff return guy even though Ellis Hobbs will be his equal. With or without kickoffs, I think he will still be valuable as a slot receiver.

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