Will Tom Brady be the first one...?

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  1. PYPER

    PYPER Third String But Playing on Special Teams

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    What do all of these QB's have in common?

    Year QB Team Yards Result
    2007 Tom Brady Patriots 4806 ????????????????
    2006 Drew Brees Saints 4418 Lost NFC championship
    2005 Tom Brady Patriots 4110 Lost division round
    2004 Daunte Culpepper Vikings 4717 Lost division round
    2003 Peyton Manning Colts 4267 Lost AFC championship
    2002 Rich Gannon Raiders 4689 Lost Super Bowl
    2001 Kurt Warner Rams 4830 Lost Super Bowl
    2000 Peyton Manning Colts 4413 Lost wild card
    1999 Steve Beuerlein Panthers 4436 Missed playoffs
    1998 Brett Favre Packers 4212 Lost wild card
    1997 Jeff George Raiders 3917 Missed playoffs
    1996 Mark Brunell Jaguars 4367 Lost AFC championship
    1995 Brett Favre Packers 4413 Lost NFC championship
    1994 Drew Bledsoe Patriots 4555 Lost wild card
    1993 John Elway Broncos 4030 Lost wild card
    1992 Dan Marino Dolphins 4116 Lost AFC championship
    1991 Warren Moon Oilers 4690 Lost division round
    1990 Warren Moon Oilers 4689 Lost wild card
    1989 Don Majkowski Packers 4318 Missed playoffs
    1988 Dan Marino Dolphins 4434 Missed playoffs
    1987 Neil Lomax Cardinals 3387 Missed playoffs
    1986 Dan Marino Dolphins 4746 Missed playoffs
    1985 Dan Marino Dolphins 4137 Lost AFC championship
    1984 Dan Marino Dolphins 5084 Lost Super Bowl
    1983 Lynn Dickey Packers 4458 Missed playoffs
    1982 Dan Fouts Chargers 2883 Lost division round
    1981 Dan Fouts Chargers 4802 Lost AFC championship
    1980 Dan Fouts Chargers 4715 Lost AFC championship
    1979 Dan Fouts Chargers 4082 Lost division round
    1978 Fran Tarkenton Vikings 3468 Lost division round
    1977 Joe Ferguson Bills 2803 Missed playoffs
    1976 Bert Jones Colts 3104 Lost division round
    1975 Ken Anderson Bengals 3169 Lost division round
    1974 Ken Anderson Bengals 2667 Missed playoffs
    1973 Roman Gabriel Eagles 3219 Missed playoffs
    1972 Joe Namath Jets 2816 Missed playoffs
    1971 John Hadl Chargers 3075 Missed playoffs
    1970 John Brodie 49ers 2941 Lost NFC championship
    1969 Daryle Lamonica Raiders 3302 Lost AFL championship
    1968 John Hadl Chargers 3473 Missed playoffs
    1967 Joe Namath Jets 4007 Missed playoffs
    1966 Joe Namath Jets 3379 Missed playoffs

    Each of these QB's led the league in passing yards and not a single one of them won the Super Bowl.

    Will Tom Brady become the first guy to lead the league in passing yardage and win the Super Bowl in the same season?
  2. rhodeislandpatsfan

    rhodeislandpatsfan Practice Squad Player

    Thanks, I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight. Seriously that's a long history, hopefully as the say nothing last forever and Tom and the Patriots are the team to break that streak. Do you see how I am trying to convince myself! I hate you! just kidding, thanks
  3. Disco Volante

    Disco Volante Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

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    Of course he will. :cool:

    But wow, that's a crazy stat. Never knew that.
  4. robertweathers

    robertweathers Pro Bowl Player

    I read his arguement. History backs up his claims and I do agree with him on some points. Yes, defenses toughen up in the playoffs. However, he fails to mention that about 10 QBs that finished 2nd in passing won the SuperBowl. Its the incredibly unbalanced teams that dont do well.

    IMO teams need to be able to get the 3rd and 1s and rush for 4 yds and 1st and 10 and keep the opposing offense on the sidelines.
  5. Rob0729

    Rob0729 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    Exactly how many of those QBs were playing on an undefeated team? How many of them were on teams that were the best team going into the playoffs?
  6. Pats Fanatic

    Pats Fanatic PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    I remember when the rushing leader never won a Super Bowl until Emmitt Smith did it three times.
    Everything about this team is a first isn't it.
  7. MetalBleachers

    MetalBleachers Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Seeing the Pats of 2005 there makes me feel okay. What's a better team: Pats 2005, or the 2007 version? :cool:
  8. rabthepat

    rabthepat 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Unbelievable...shocking...time for a new record and we are the team to it.
  9. Caspir

    Caspir Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Of course, last year Peyton Manning was like 20 yards behind Brees and won it, and three of those QBs (Brunell, Warner, Manning) lost to the Patriots.
  10. Tyler.Durden

    Tyler.Durden Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    On a long enough time line everything drops to zero.
  11. Keegs

    Keegs In the Starting Line-Up

    and it's unpossible for the Patriots to lose to the Patriots so i think we are ok this year;)

  12. RabidPatsFan

    RabidPatsFan Practice Squad Player

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    I didn't know that either. Wow.

    That said, I have faith that Brady will break the trend this year. :)
  13. BoTown

    BoTown In the Starting Line-Up

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    Interesting...of those listed, the only active players that have led the league in passing yards multiple times are Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Brett Favre (2 apiece).
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  14. Patsfanin Philly

    Patsfanin Philly Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

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    Most of this dovetails with the TMQ thread but as I posted there. Only one other team other than this year's Pats team was in the top half of the league in rushing in the past 25 years , so he's not comparing apples to apples.....
    As someone wirte, there's always a first time......
  15. Truck

    Truck Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Nice...one more 'first time' / 'record' to add to the list this year (once we win the sb)
  16. onegameatatime

    onegameatatime Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    This was in Easterbrook's column. Seems more like a statistical anomoly to me, and a combination of the fact that the leaders often play for Southern teams or in domes and build stats in good weather. Not sure how many of those teams were ranked in the top 5 in scoring defense too.

    Seems like near first is a good place to be:

    In 2006, Manning missed being passing leader by fewer than 30 yards.

    In 1999, Warner missed by a whole 80 yards.

    In 1997, Favre missed by 50 yards.

    But all won the SB. This does not fit the notion that strong passing seasons and SB wins do not mix.

    A previous poster is right about Emmitt Smith. You can add Terrell Davis once, but that's it for rushing leaders winning the SB.
  17. Ice_Ice_Brady

    Ice_Ice_Brady In the Starting Line-Up

    Well shall we add this to the list of impossible feats?

    No team has ever...

    Scored more than 556 points in a season...

    Had a margin of victory of over 300 points in a season...

    Gone 16-0 during the regular season...

    No player has ever...

    Thrown for 50 TDs in a season...

    Caught 23 TD receptions in a season...

    A bunch of impossible feats, if you ask me.
  18. PatsFanSince74

    PatsFanSince74 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    whoa. extraordinary stat. so good that some mediot will steal it from your post and report it in the next few days. i wonder why it's so? there are so many different qb's and teams that it's hard to find a single explanation.
  19. Cannon Arm

    Cannon Arm On the Game Day Roster

    None of those QBs were on teams that scored 589 points, with a point differential of +315, including 75 TDs, in 16 games. None of those QBs won 86 games after 110 starts and had a +42 TD/INT differential in a season. Brady is special. This team is special.
  20. Frezo

    Frezo In the Starting Line-Up

    #50 Jersey

    Unpossible! That's another first! Keegs, that was brilliant even if you weren't trying.
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