Will the Pats Run and Screen game be the key vs the SD Defense?

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    Well the Patriots next opponent as we are all painfully aware by now because of the recent influx of trolls is the San Diego Chargers.

    Now my thought is this, the Chargers probably have an overall more potent passrush than the Dolphins. I mean the Phins passrush is what - Cameron Wake and not much else? Well Solder was manhandling Wake for the most part. And just about nobody else I can remember could even dirty Brady's jersey.

    That story might change against the Chargers. Which is why I predict that running the ball more and running the screen game could be keys against the chargers. In particular when you have an overaggressive defense, those types of plays can suck in defenders for the upfield rush, and then gash the defense later, making them pay for overcommitting defenders up front.

    The Pats screen game has been a strength in the past and should continue in 2011. Having the two stud TEs makes this even tougher to defend imo because the defense is always guessing, are they gonna stay in and block, are they going to go out for a pass pattern? Which brings us the the runningbacks. BJGE and Woodhead have gotten the majority of carries in the 1st game and combined for over 100 yars rushing.

    But with more emphasis on the run game perhaps we will finally get some glimpses of Mr. Ridley or Mr. Vereen. Either back also appear to be capable pass catchers. So perhaps they could be used in some of the aforementioned screens as well. If you're the Patriots OC how would you attack the Chargers defense. What are their weaknesses? Can we take advantage with the double TE formation, the draw play, the HB screens. Do we take a few shots downfield, if so who is the weak link in the secondary. How much can we exploit the Chargers with our dynamic TE duo? Step forward with your thoughts please.
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