Will not be happy if we draft anyone in the first round

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by tonyto3690, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. tonyto3690

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    Barring a major fall by a big time prospect.

    From 20-60 the talent is all about the same and it'd be foolish not to trade back into the second round and pick up another pick. Anyone we could draft at 29, we could grab a similar calibre prospect at pick 45. Woods, Reid, Taylor, Banks, Carradine. There is a lot of value to be had in the second round.
  2. manxman2601

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    What if they have one receiver way ahead of any other on their board? It would be foolish in that case to trade back and get a more mediocre prospect.
  3. TommyBrady12

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    It's a deep WR class so there should be plenty of guys available in round 2 like quintn patton or markus wheaton. However, if someone like xavier rhodes were available at 29, the pats have to go with him.
  4. patchick

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    From the rumors thread:

    I have a feeling that the Patriots will have a lot of company in teams looking to trade down this year. I'd love to see a trade too, but I suspect the compensation might not be there.
  5. PatsFan2

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    I think we will have to grin and bear it tony and I will put here what I said in another thread. "The Patriots gettting a Trade offer at 29 I just honestly can't see it happening with so many other Teams loaded with picks near by ie...49ers and Cincy.":mad:
  6. mgteich

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    I would be fine with any of these at 29

    Werner, Rhodes, Hayden, Sylvester Williams, and perhaps even Trufant or Elam.
  7. KontradictioN

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    If that's the case, we'd have to wait until the late second round to grab a receiver... and there might be a feeding frenzy for them at the beginning of it.
  8. Patriot Missile

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    Tony not happy? Who would of thought?
  9. Sciz

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    That was my thought. In fact, I'd be awfully worried if he IS happy! :eek:
  10. PatsFan2

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    Good call tony I am still numb in disbelief.:eek:
  11. captain stone

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    If all 6 of them were already taken, what would you think if #29 were traded for a mid/late 2nd,
    a 3rd, a 4th & a 7th?
  12. patchick

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    I'm a little surprised at all the cries of "But now we don't pick until the bottom of the 2nd!!" I'd be surprised if that happened. Strategic moves up in the 2nd seem like the order of the day -- now that they have ammo.

    Besides, doesn't everybody think that the guy they would have taken at #29 is still there?
  13. dryheat44

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    Caserio confirms as much.
  14. Metaphors

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    Going back to my picks prediction, I think the Pats are set up to play this draft well:

    1) Get some 2014 picks

    This is job #1 since each pick should be evaluated for what it could get in 2014 (which looks like a much better draft class). When I heard about the trade to the Vikes, I was praying for next year's #1 since they are one AP injury from being a dumpster fire. I'm thinking they were reluctant to do that and teams today will be reluctant as well. Would like to see an extra #2 next year from a team with some nice downside to them.

    2) Fill out the WR depth chart

    I expect a WR today (Dobson) and another tomorrow (Rodney Smith). Options abound.

    3) Get a versatile (press/zone) CB

    This assumes McCourty stays at safety. The interior OL run yesterday (which was hella stupid) has left a number of reasonable CB options available today. I think the Pats have a guy in mind (Banks) and hopefully will get him.

    4) Rush help (inside/outside) from the DL

    With Francis, Bequette and (to a lesser extent) Cunningham still developing, this may not be too high of a priority. However, I think the Pats look for a diamond in the rough (Lavar Edwards) that can be thrown in the mix without high expectations.

    5) LB depth / ST

    Not sure this is a priority even with Spikes nearing FA since the 2014 draft is flush with good LBs. However, I think it is a good idea to add someone to the Niko/Tarp/Rivera list that has some potential or niche on the LB depth chart (Jelani Jenkins).

    6) Scar University recruit

    Always good to have fresh meat in the OL developmental train, particularly on the interior (Hugh Thorton).
  15. captain stone

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    I'm thinking about trading #91 for a mid-4th & a mid-5th.

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