Will Fred Taylor return to the lineup against his old Jags team?

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    Would be great to see Fred come back and show the Jags a little of his old self with a nice comeback from his injury.

    I think we need a great running game and clock killing drives to win this weekend and adding Fred to the lineup only helps that cause.

    I could see another quick 2 1/2 hour game with a lot of emphasis on the run ...but then again we have O'Brien in charge of the offensive game plan :(
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  2. 12to81

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    Great strategy, you can talk all you want about how we need a great running game and whatnot, but don't forget it's the playcalling aspect and the execution of it that actually goes in to it succeeding. You, like most homers that seem to think they could take O'Brien's job at ease, should actually post some relevant FOOTBALL facts about how we could achieve that, with blocking schemes, running patterns and whatnot. If you could do it that is.


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    Are you Mrs. O'Brien?...If you are, then sorry Ma'am :cool:

    BTW: You could ask 90% of the guys in here and they would say I am anything BUT a homer - some may have other words to describe me ;).
  4. Deus Irae

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    Ehh.... I defend the coordinators of this team, generally speaking, but O'Brien's done a pretty poor job of calling plays that:

    A.) Lead to receivers open by more than a quarter step

    B.) Result in numbers advantages in running situations

    C.) Free Moss off the line

    D.) Get the ball to running backs not named Faulk via the pass

    E.) Avoid repetition of mistakes (see fullback on goal line, lousy stretch plays, etc...)

    If you want to assert that none of the above is the role of the O.C., or to deny any/all of the five items above, I'd love to read your take.

    P.S. I loved the way he had Moss working crossing routes against the Bills. I thought that was a great step in the right direction. Unfortunately, I also thought it showed the problem with having Aiken as the WR across from Moss.
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  5. emoney_33

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    You just have to accept that around here that every single OC sucks while they are here, and then they are great when they leave.
  6. zipster9

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    I'd wait till playoffs. Why push him, and potentially re-injure?

    Once he is 100% healthy, let him loose on the opponents...

    Look what happened to SammyMorris. He came back too soon, and out again..
  7. Feep50

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    He's gonna be our secret weapon when the playoffs start.....:eek:
  8. Jangles

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    Pretty much

    I was never particularly thrilled with McDaniels though. I thought he just drew up some random nonsense and it would end with a long TD to Moss in '07

    if that didn't work then they just scratched their heads

    Maybe I'm wrong though.
  9. 12to81

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    Never impressed me too much until he made the offense for the stooge, (Cassel) I loved watching Matt play, but he wasn't as good as that o made him look. As for O'Brien, it's the man's first year. Give him a break. If anything it's BB's fault for sacrificing the year for a draft pick, it'll work in time. Brady hasn't been too hot either. Give it time.. He's not that bad no matter how much your non-confirmed words wish he was..
  10. ScrewDrvr

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    Hes gonna get a few snaps this game no doubt. Last 2 games hes been practicing and always a last day decision to keep him out. I thought for sure he woulda played last game though...

    Plus you know he cant wait for this game :) I say he goes 5 for 33.
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  11. ScrewDrvr

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    Q&A with Fred Taylor

    Fred Taylor Q&A: Patriots RB talks about his return, his superstar son, Jacksonville and even the Jags' future | Jacksonville.com


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    Was this injury alot worse than we were made to believe? It just seems like he's been out a LONG time. Yes I know he had surgery but i'm just wondering. I've felt his injury is what caused us to become so one sided on offense.
  13. patsfan-1982

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    taylor is old it takes a lot longer to come back from a injury when your body is as beat up as he's
  14. Patjew

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    O'Brien stinks almost as bad as Kaczur.

    That's for you, Box. :)
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