Will Brady be more of an on-field decision making general this year like Manning?

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    Many expect Belichick to call most offensive plays without a OC this year and Bradys QB Coach should also help out in some scenerios,but I think this year,much like Peyton Manning does year in and year out who is pretty much in the same situation without an OC in 2009Manning's mantra for '09 Colts: 'You better be getting better' - USATODAY.com

    I would think that in 2009 we will see Brady calling more and more plays by design and making quick decisions more than ever right out on the field and as the best player in the game there is really no reason why we should not trust his play calling without much help,In 2005 I believe we did not have an OC either but this year should be different and better than that 05 roster and Brady should have more interesting plays with all his weapons than he did 4 years ago....No Weis,No McDaniels..no problem :D
  2. MoLewisrocks

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    It's tough to call your own offense with all the substitutions and tailored personnel packages many teams including particularly your NEP feature these days. The Colts have tended not to. They run more plays out of fewer looks than most teams and seldom rotate players unless someone is injured or gassed. Brady has enough on his plate with the pre and post snap reads and adjustments. Manning has 1 ring to show for his 9 years of LOS machinations, and truth be told the Colts PK and tandem RB's and Grossman assisted defense had more to do with that than his playcalling prowess...
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    Brady's got enough other things to think about, I'd rather have somebody else calling the plays, whether it is O'Brien, BB or Ernie Adams. The guys upstairs have a completely different viewpoint and that should be used to this, and any other team's advantage. Brady can still audible as needed and use whatever imperceptible signals he does to Moss and the other receivers when he sees an opening that can be exploited.

    Personally I think this 'Manning is the Colt's de-facto offensive coordinator' that we've been hearing about the last few years is a bit overblown because Manning is so demonstrative with his audibles (and fake audibles) at the line of scrimmage. Don't get me wrong, Manning is a great quarterback and deserves to go in to the NFL Hall of Fame the first year he becomes eligible, but I think that portion of his game may be a bit overstated because it is so visible.
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    I doubt he will...I think they will give him the plays and he will make substitutions based on what the defense shows him...like he always has...
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    This is an entire thread based on an incorect assumption.
    Manning has no more decision making than any other veteran QB with the exception of the fact that his old OC liked to use a system where he would send in 3 plays (pass, and 2 runs..inside and outside) and coach his QB to read keys to choose which one.
    That has been made into this ridiculous idea that Manning calls the plays. He does not.
    If a coach sends in one play if the safety is back, and another if the safety is up that is no different than calling one and having an audible for the other.
    Brady, Manning, and every other NFL QB with any expereince have weekly audibles and are coach to use them based on what the defense does.

    The idea that Brady or Manning, or anyone else is more capable of calling a game than an OC (who spends the week preparing for, and the day implementing a STRATIEGIC approach) is just a way of glorifying them, and is not real.
    All of them, to varying degrees, are capable of audibling. The fact that Manning puts on a show at the los means nothing more than he puts on a show at the los. Every other QB is doing all of the same things, they just aren't demonstrative about it.
    What separates Brady, Manning and all good QBs from average or not good ones is what they do after the snap, not whehter they know how to call plays.
    Our system has worked well so far, so I dont see why we would change it.
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    Manning calling his own plays is overrated. Moore did call the plays when he was the OC. Manning had the leeway to change the play at the line, but it wasn't like he could just pick any play out of the playbook. He had options. Personally, I think the Colts allowed the perception that Manning called his own plays to continue to improve Manning's star power because it benefitted them. The story is that Moore called in a concept and Manning picked the play, but Moore had more control than that. Maybe at times Manning did call his own plays within a no-huddle drive, but so does Brady.

    Brady always had the leeway to call an audible at the line and call his own plays in a no-huddle offense. Like Manning, Brady does change the play a lot based on the defense. Because the Colts run a lot more no-huddle than the Pats do, Manning does call those plays a lot more. But even in a no huddle, the QB is limited to what they can call.

    The Pats didn't have an OC in 2005 either. I don't think they had that much of a problem and the plays were still given to Brady on time. We shouldn't kid ourselves though. Bill O'Brien is the OC like McDaniels was the unofficial OC in 2005. Belichick will just have more input and will oversee the play calling until he feels O'Brien is ready to handle them on his own.
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    Which means he has way more control than any other veteran QB, who only get one play, and have a handful of audibles set up.

    1 play + canned audibles < 3 plays + canned audibles.
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    No. This isn't hey Peyton pick the one you like best.
    It is a SYSTEM that he is coached in that gives him a key to read to decide which play to call at the line.
    That is the Tom Moore system, not the Peyton Manning system.
    The second Manning goes up to the line and doesnt call what he has been coached to call, he is recoached and if he doesnt get it they scrap that system.

    I come up to the line with a pass, inside run and outside run and INSTRUCTION to call one of the 3 based on how the defense lines up.
    You come up to the line with a play and instruction on what audible to call if they aren't lined up like we expect.
    What exactly is the difference?
    Do you think there are 175 different possible alignments to pick from to figure ot which play to call?
    Try it this way.
    -If I call a pass and there are 7 men in the box, audible to a run.
    -If I call a run and there are 8 men in the box, audible to a pass.
    Now you understand the mystery of the Colts calling plays at the line.
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    Well said.
  10. Dirk3601215

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    and you have a working knowledge of the colts offese? do you even know what 'reading a key' is in football terms?
  11. AndyJohnson

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    No, I often write using phrases that I do not understand.............
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    Is there a full moon rising? All the message board budding geniuses are on deck tonight...
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    And act like more him too?

    The crying, the pouting, the pointing, the yelling at other players, having that puss on his face and walking off the field after throwing another INT.

    Gees I hope not.
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    Yeah, what's with all the young malcontents? They're squeezing out us cantankerous geezers.
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