Wilfork, Buchanan and Dennard fined by the NFL; Chandler Jones too

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    New England Patriots, New York Jets players in sideline melee fined - ESPN

    I watched the replay of the video on the NFL.com site, and Dennard is the only one deserving. Wilfork did literally nothing. He walked over when Ferguson was causing trouble, and Ferguson literally headbutted him with his helmet. Wilfork came back but didn't retaliate. Instead, Ferguson hit him again. As for Buchanan, he was completely away from the scrum, he was walking away, when he realized that the Patriots players were coming together. He joined in the fracas by going nutty at the back of several Patriots. He was in back, maybe 6 or 7 Patriots away from the nearest Jet. He was fined for basically throwing a fit on some Patriots backside.
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    I find it odd that Ferguson got fined less for an intentional illegal punch against an opponent after a play was dead than Chandler Jones on an illegal hit on a bang-bang play at full speed.
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    The Jones penalty was BS in the first place, never mind the fine. If this is where the game is headed i'm not going to be watching.

    As far as the fines go welcome to the new NFL, and remember Goody is a jest fan.
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    Yup. It's all about player safety.:confused: You don't make money by suspending somebody. Now a fine him, there's a profit.
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    It's about making $$....player safety...ehh sometimes
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    What a freakin' tool!
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    In response to the claim the league levies fines for profit, the money from fines goes to charity.
  8. WhoaDirty

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    Making $ for charities? That's where the fine money goes.
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    Unreal. No suspensions for the Jets and Pats players fined. You bet your behind if it was the other way around 2 Patriots players would be not playing this weekend.
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    The Chandler Jones fine is the one that really pisses me off. Sure I can see the flag on this marginal play when his helmet brushed the QB's face mask, but to fine him is like stealing. It like $75 parking tickets in Boston. Just revenue enhancement. He was literally 2 INCHES away from being legal and there was clearly no intentional headhunting.

    This crap is just going too far. I am losing interest in watching games of flag football

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