Wicked Pissah 7/29 PM Session

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  1. PatsWickedPissah

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    Started off with a drill where LBs hadda cover TEs backs and some wideouts one on one. Bottom line is that aside from maybe a couple plays by Tank Williams as a LB, none of the guys got close. Admitedly Ben Watson is too much for most LBs but it was sad to watch Bruschi undressed by the receivers. Our LBs did not do well at all. Pathetic would be apropos.

    The PR trio is Faulk, Chad Jackson and C.J. Jones. No misques of note.

    Clearly, the offense is light years ahead of the D at this point. On O vs D drills nearly every pass play was completed (exceptions noted later). ALL the receivers looked good. Moss of course, Gaffney, Washington and even Sam Aiken even though it looked as if he let his 1st Brady pass go thru his hands into a Richardson INT. Moss was huge, droping one TD but otherwise embarassing the DBs. At 1st, Brady et. al weren't throwing at all to Chad Jackson, but later that all changed. After an initial Brady Jackson 'miscommunication' which Brady 'explained' to Chad, Jackson did really well catching several passes over the middle and in the EZ. No coaches were on his ass after running his routes. A good day for him.

    One early incident where TE Pollard smacked Merriweather in the facemask after a play. Missed what happened previously. Merry let it go.

    On one of the last sessions I focused in on Crable. The Crab is tall and lanky looking with pipestem calves and wide shoulders. During one Cassel led series Crabs broke up several plays himself puting EXTREME pressure against the QB. Admitedly this was against stalwart Wesley Britt, but what the hey. Number 72 wasn't on the field so Britt 1st then Kaczur played LT.

    One fake FG where Hansen was holding, rolled out and threw a pick. Another one looked unintended where Cassel fumbled the snap, rolled out and threw a 25 yd TD to leaping FA Guard Dan Connelley falling backwards. Amazing.

    Great weather, small crowd relative to weekends.

    P.S. Guyton looked good. Tipped away a pass. Looks like he belongs. Alexander and Woods CANNOT play NFL LB.

    P>P>S> THey ran the trick play where Brady screens to Moss, Moss laterals back to Brady who threw long to the Gaffer. IN..COM...PLETE. Fun to watch.
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  2. PonyExpress

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    really enjoyed that eye witness report. Couple Qs:

    1. Mayo: Reiss et.al reported that he was impressive in pass coverage drills yesterday. Today it appears "all the Lbs" were undressed. What about Mayo specifically? Did you get a sense about him, his size, athleticism, attitude on the field... Any info at all would be cool.

    2. Jackson: Is his talent evident? What is your general sense after watching him in person? How is he interacting with his teammates, specifically the veterans and Brady? is he being embraced by the responsible vets?

    3. Great stuff on Crable, about whom we've heard much too little. Disappointing about Woods. Could you be more specific about what Woods seems to lack?

    4. I'm giddy about Guyton! Any thoughts on B Merriweather? Does he look athletic and smotth compared to the others out there, as you would expect from a #1 pick? The other players seem very high on him in interviews. The last time vets touted a 2nd year player like this was Ty Warren, and we know how that turned out.
  3. PatsWickedPissah

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    Merry looks very comfortable and coordinated out there. Well past any rookie era cluelessness. I think he'll do well. Great to see Harrison back.

    Hard to say but the 2 rook CBs don't look "Lost" which is good. No screaming at them by coaches.

    As reported, TE Thomas was missing.
  4. Box_O_Rocks

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    I saw a shot over at Planet where it looked like Guyton was in with the first unit at one point, nice to get your impression. Thanks for the report!
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