Why We Won't Win It All

Discussion in 'The Practice Squad' started by letekro, Dec 16, 2013.

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    Could be the issue with our post 2000 fan base. You're supposed to be surprised when your team wins a Super Bowl.
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    Judging by what I've seen in the media over the last week, the only people not talking about Gronk's absence are the Patriots themselves. We're not going to be seeing #87 around here for quite a while so it's best to follow the team's example and move on. There's a game next Sunday - let's see how that goes and worry about the playoffs in January.

    By the way, most people didn't think the Red Sox had a realistic shot of beating the Rays, Tigers and Cardinals. I guess that's why they play the games.
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    The Red Zone offense without Gronkowski certainly could be better, and the fact that he's going to be hurt every year means they have to learn to score better down there without him.

    But they still are doing very well offensively in my opinion. Their problem is this. They find themselves down by 4 in the fourth quarter. The O scores a TD and gives them the lead, only to have the defense cough it up with a TD score of their own, putting them down by 4 yet again.

    So we're asking Brady basically, every game, to score two TD's in the fourth. That's a lot to ask. The offense can't do it every single game. At some point the defense needs to make a stop, or at least hold the other team to a FG, so maybe with 1:10 left, the Patriots only need a FG to break a tie game.
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    As long as you can see into the future, would you mind letting me know the next Powerball numbers?

    Thanks in advance, I greatly appreciate it.
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    It isn't really our offense that scares me the most personally....it is our PATHETIC Defense. All these injuries, guys playing hurting and alot of guys drafted that just plain suck....and this defense can not STOP ANYONE! THAT is our BIGGEST problem. Now on offense....OL SUCKS.....Brady is rushed constantly and on his a $$ frequently.....WR are average at best with Edelman (Yeah Edelman...who would have predicted this!) is your #1 WR for the Pats......everyone is talking about wait until Dobson and Tompkins comes back....well first of all both these guys are STILL hurting from all reports....Dobson with the foot injury....those can linger....AND even when these guys were in there....have they been CONSISTENT? Nope. All the receivers with the exception of Edelman have frequent "dropsee-itis"....cant hang onto the #! $$* ball!......TE....Losing Gronk was the final straw that cracked the back for this team....RB are playing well overall.....like Blount and he did well yesterday....we just cant run when it counts....most often this happens in the Red zone as you say.....when it matters.....

    QUOTE=letekro;3684821]Red Zone efficiency is the difference b/w winning and losing in the NFL (and yesterday was a good example of that). Guys aren't open in the red zone like they are in the other parts of the field so you need to have guys that can catch the ball when covered. Unless the miraculous happens and Dobson returns healthy and fully integrated into the offense, the Pats do not have that Post-Gronk, and therefore I think they are facing overwhelming odds to win games against quality opponents in the playoffs. The below is just an amazing stat illustrating that the Patriots are an elite red zone offense with Gronk and a terrible one without him.

    Since 2011, quarterback Tom Brady is 21-of-34 when throwing to Gronkowski in the end zone. On passes in the end zone to other targets over that span, Brady is 26-of-97 with four interceptions.

    New England Patriots Blog - ESPN Boston[/QUOTE]
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    Re: Why We Won't Win It All ......to many freaking injuries, its not astrophysics
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    Great landing spot for this pathetic thread! :rocker::singing:

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